Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: A Bradscribe Review

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This Rogue Is The One To Rave About!


“The first thing that you have to do is get over the fact that you’re doing a scene with Darth Vader. That took me a little while, because I’m a first-generation fanboy” – Ben Mendelsohn.

One of the many disappointments with Star wars Episode III is that it denied our chance to see how the Rebel spies stole the Death Star plans.

For TOO LONG has yours truly revelled in the intrigue induced by the legendary scrawl:


…and wondered how that premise would… (eventually?) make such a great movie…

And here it is! It only took three and a half decades for delivery.

Like the seemingly impossible mission for which this ragtag band a’ rebels volunteer, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story defies the odds to present such a welcome addition to the galaxy’s greatest saga.

Well! Where do we begin?!

A big fist-pump to this band of lovable rogues. They represent a superior Suicide Squad: more thrilling and thankfully less puerile. We do end up caring about their fate, which seemed to be the ultimate challenge here.

Quite frankly, Felicity Jones is a revelation as Jyn, galactic tearaway and daughter of Galen Erso, the reluctant creator of the Empire’s new superweapon. Admittedly, Jones looks an unlikely action star, but she pulls it off with aplomb. 

By far the best of the main bunch are Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yenstill can’t believe he fits so well in this galaxy!) and Baze Malbus (Wen Jiang) – the fighters from Jedha. 

Love the relationship between Cassian and Kaytoo, although this charming lil plot device was crying out for further attention and development. Considering what an obvious win the reprogrammed Imperial droid turned out to be, he deserved greater opportunities to scene-steal. (If they couldn’t grant him more lines, at least give him that blaster!). 

Still reckon that Diego Luna makes a way cooler Star Wars name than Cassian Andor…


“That’s right, I’m playing the male lead! I didn’t really think that would be such a big deal…” – Felicity Jones.

The main problem with SF these days is that sfx have reached such stupendous levels, other elements such as plot and character development sometimes tend to fail in comparison. But Rogue One overrides that problem – all elements fuse reasonably well to produce something that is undeniably enjoyable. 

Here, the effects are suitably grandiose and awe-inspiring, from the graceful flights of the supersleek spacecraft(s) to the simply stunning vistas of Jedha and Mauritiuis – (sorry!) Scarif.

What about the aliens? 

Sorely underused – a personal gripe. For my Rough Guidequite tactfully, details relating to Pao and Bishan were dropped. Naturally assuming that they might not receive too much screen-time, they didn’t even get a word in – not even an indecipherable one! Between them!


“I’d have loved to have taken a Stormtrooper outfit but we weren’t meant to take anything. I got away with a couple of small things but I can’t tell you what” – Mads Mikkelsen. 

Of the Imperial personnel, Ben Mendelsohn is particularly impressive as Director Orson Krennic. 

It was wonderful to see that well-known (well-despised?) officer from A New Hope make a dramatic reappearance. Was expecting to burst into tears upon catching sight of this beloved actor, but, just when you think how sophisticated CGI has become – let’s face it – he doesn’t look natural! No real presence = no credible menace. Moreover, they did not get the voice right!

But what about Vader?!

Surely, this film could never have worked without everyone’s fave Sith Lord. The build-up to his long-waited “return” is tense; his first scene (shared with Krennic) presents him in typically moody and magnificent mode.

His second scene?

Deep breath: WHOA! He REALLY gets busy – showing a Dark Side darker than anyone had ever expected! This is REVENGE of the Sith right here! 

Aren’t we so grateful that James Earl Jones could lend his esteemed vocal talents to Star Wars once more!

Sadly, however, the rest of the Imperial Officers are just anonymous. 

Is it possible to have a Star wars movie without a John Williams score? Some fans may argue that Rogue One does not feel right, precisely because of that vital exclusion. The music here is rousing enough, especially the mystic twang played when the proceedings reach Jedha.

As these rogues are rougher, the action more gritty, the dogfights more spectacular, for me, Rogue One is bigger and better than The Force Awakens.

There have been a few five-star reviews appearing in the last two days. Obviously, those critics have enjoyed the exhilarating ride that uberfan Gareth Edwards (the force is strong with him!) has concocted here, but, to be fair, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story falls short of the brilliant standard of The Empire Strikes Back – a veritable 5* package if ever there was one. 

The power of what we are dealing with here may be immeasurable to some, but this first-generation fanboy is pleased (relieved!) to bestow upon it a solid:



“For my 30th birthday, we visited the Skywalker home in Tunisia. I stood at the same spot where Luke watched the sunset. My girlfriend said: “For your 40th birthday, you won’t be able to top this!” For my 40th birthday, I was directing Rogue One…” – Gareth Edwards. 

34 thoughts on “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: A Bradscribe Review

      • Yes! Watching Rogue One again was better – a ram-packed auditorium: Chirrut got bigger laughs than Kaytoo and sections of the audience whooped and applauded when Vader opened his lightsaber!
        U don’t get th complete cinema experience w anything other than Star Wars!

  1. Great review. If this is what Disney can serve up, bring it on! And yes, Darth Vader’s second scene is jaw dropping stuff. And as I said a few days ago Felicity Jones is awesome. Truly a unlikely hero. I love that her future wasn’t predestined like Luke or maybe even Rey.

    • Thank u for your Comment, Robert!
      Glad to hear u enjoyed this welcome addition to th saga.
      Nobody drops jaws like Vader – personally, I was expecting nothing less!
      Felicity Jones is indeed awesome – Woman Of Th Year, perhaps…?

  2. Fantastic review! I absolutely loved it. You were spot on with this comment: “a superior Suicide Squad.” “Rogue One” offered us a far stronger band of flawed heroes that I cared about more and the stakes felt higher. It was a powerful movie with an emotional and perfect ending. And Darth Vader — I’m still thinking about that scene! The Force is definitely strong with Disney. 🙂

    • Thanks, Ash!
      Sorry I didn’t reply 2 hrs ago – just finished watching it for th 2nd time!
      Yes, these rogues had to b th stuff of legend, and this film succeeded on every possible level.
      That’s absolutely right: so emotional – so powerful!
      Still thinking about that scene: that is how I always envisaged Vader to act!
      I am heading over to your review right now!

      • Hee hee — my dad is coming for a visit on Christmas to see it with me, or otherwise I would probably be back at the theater much sooner! I’m sure there will be several more viewings after that!

      • That’s nice, Ash
        Th main reason I got so choked up is that I kept thinking my father wld have enjoyed this w me just as much.
        On our National Census, he listed his religion as ‘Jedi,’ and now he truly is One With Th Force…
        Enjoy your holiday, kid!
        Bless u

      • My dad introduced me to science fiction, and it’s because of him that I’m now such a big fan. The holidays in particular are difficult to reflect on loved ones who are gone–I hope you have many happy memories to comfort you on that day.

      • Thanks, Ash, I’ll b fine!
        Without my father, I wld not have known about C. Clarke, Vonnegut or Flash Gordon!
        Hope your Dad enjoys Rogue One, but I sense that he’ll love it!
        Have a great cinema experience, and enjoy your festive time!

      • This will actually be both our second times to see it but we were not able to watch it together the first time so this will be really fun. 🙂 So excited to watch it again!

      • Yes: th beauty of an awesome movie – watching it time and time again!
        Don’t tell me: u’re waiting to watch it on Christmas Day so u can look out for all those Easter Eggs?!

  3. I never read that quote by the director before, so I am glad to hear he has been a proper Star Wars fan for years, for it showed in the care he took in crafting this movie!

    • That quote was from a TV interview he did for BBC’s Film 2016.
      1 of th original uberfans – probably had more Star Wars figures than me an’ all!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Th only time in movie history in which “Peter Cushing” is th only disappointing element of a great time at the cinema – sheesh!
      Anyway, Rogue One is a modern classic to savour time and time again!

  4. I agree about the use of non-humanoid aliens issue. While Star Trek doesn’t mind mixing in aliens in lead roles. Star Wars usually relegates them to background or support characters, with the exception of Chewbacca of course. Great review!

    • Thank u for your Comment, sir!
      “With the exception of Chewbacca” – u’d think he’d open th opportunities for other non-human characters, but he didn’t even get a medal in Episode IV!

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