Not only cute, but courageous
Not only cute, but courageous


amazing, scintillating, groundbreaking, mind-boggling, breathtaking.

‘Tis the stuff of science, exploration and the advancement of ideas.   

Anything can happen in this exciting genre… and often does! 



scriptwriter, journalist, novelist, creator of fantastic worlds, and now blogger – pulsating with too many ideas of his own, launched into the Blogosphere to explore the many facets of this awesome genre.

These posts aim to explore the multi-layered and multi-coloured textures of science fiction in an informative and entertaining way and occasionally delve into the mysteries of science fact as well.

With regular (they have been known to be well-researched!) articles – and occasional reviews – there should never be a dull moment, and – hey! – there are some amazing quotes and cool pics to savour as well.

So, hop on board – ‘cos a lot more good stuff is yet to come!

Concentrate the mind on the task at hand

“Write only what you love, and love what you write” – Ray Bradbury. 



Ancient history; archaeology; archery; art; beaches; books; burritos; cathedrals & churches; cats; chocolate; coffee; cycling; fish & chips; football; future visions; good humour; good movies; history; jogging; kebabs; meat pies; mocha; music; research; science fact & science fiction; seafood; squash (preferably orange); temples; transdimensional engineering; vintage sci-fi art/posters; sugar & spice & all things nice; warm temperatures

...and some of this would be very much appreciated!
…and some of this would be very much appreciated!


Keen to tackle diverse subject-matter & apply new technology, let me know how these Posts are coming along!

Some helpful Comments will always be appreciated.


You can keep up with this sprightly bunny’s new posts, events & developments @ https://www.facebook.com/bradscribe

Contact information: 

Bradscribe can also be reached @ mbmlbradford.303@gmail.com


“Oh yeah!”


155 thoughts on “About

    • Thank u so much, Danica!
      I always enjoy these! And just know I will enjoy this one!
      Q: There are no Questions here – do I answer th same ones u did?
      Entertainer – I do LIKE th sound of that! Got a couple of vids in mind already! 🙂
      Thinks for thanking of me!

      • Absolutely my pleasure, Brad! There is nobody more deserving of this award than you!
        I’m thrilled that you’ll enjoy it! 🙂
        A: Yes, the questions remain the same. If you prefer different questions please feel free to use those instead.
        Haha, always. 🙂

      • Thanks, Danica
        I’ll go w these questions. Do I have to put on th Ritz as well?
        Dusting down me top ‘at an’ tails as we speak!

      • Goody gumdrops!
        Got another Spidey Post in th works, then th Entertainer will follow (preceding my Planet Of The Apes Review of course!)
        Thanks again, Danica!

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