Avengers: Endgame – The Bradscribe Review

Dread It. Run From It. The Bradscribe Review Arrives All The Same.

And Now It’s Here.

“Unconquerable brilliance takes Marvel to new heights… an irresistible blend of action and comedy, guaranteeing a sugar rush of delirious enjoyment” – Peter Bradshaw. 

This is the end, beautiful friend…

In a movie that is the culmination of eleven years and over twenty movies, thus transcending the rules and expectations of the superhero movie genre, where the whole objective is to conclude all super-business in a convincing and compelling closure, AND fire decisive repulsor-rayblasts to your mind, heart and – hoo-boy! – tear ducts, where do we begin?!

Tony Stark is marooned in space with the daughter of the fiend who fatally slew him; where do the original Avengers – survivors of the Snaptastrophe – go from here?

To undo the Mad Titan’s wrongdoings, and try and restore some sorta semblance of order back to the universe, before you can say: “TREE! Help me find the handle!” they have constructed a “machine” that can transport what’s left of the cast into their respective subplots…

And to that end, as expected, the following three hours deliver on so many winning levels in the best way possible. 

The only way.

The MARVEL way! 🙂

“The only complaint is that it raises the bar so high that there may well never be a superhero movie to match it…” – Matthew Norman. 

PHOOEY to those critics who dared slate this gargantuan cinematic swansong as “preposterous”(!)

Look, this is a comicbook movie fer cake’s sake, where fans don’t bat an eyelid at such Stark Raving Hazelnuts stuff as a talking raccoon, a wizard’s cloak that has a mind of its own and a giant Peter Dinklage. 

One can appreciate how (the best of) these MCU movies have been created by comicbook buffs who not only know how crazy, clever and cosmic these stories can be, but understand how they work. Essentially, Avengers: Endgame has been (ahem) assembled in such a meticulous, but oh so MARVELous way that it looks – and works – like a remastered Greatest Hits compilation, with a handful of iconic scenes from the last eleven years – including familiar faces we thought we’d never see again! – lovingly spliced in to add an always-welcome tinge of nostalgia to that unfailingly spectacular eleven-year mix of action, drama and humour. 

Moreover, this time, we are presented with an unprecedented, but irresistibly intriguing premise in a superhero movie: 

failure, and how (what’s left of) the team deal with that. 

Just when you think the First Act would dissolve into something too morose to handle, and drag a tad, once again – thankfully! – writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are at the top of their (end)game, providing one of the best scripts of the year (and not to mention, as reliable as ever, a hefty wodge of rad quotable lines! 😉 )

The depleted number of protagonists means that Avengers: Endgame offers closer attention to character study, and even sends some of their story-arcs down paths that were (dare we say it!) hitherto undreamt of. One of them in particular highly uncharacteristically crawls into a bottle (Clue: it’s NOT Ant-Man).

At the end of the day, it’s so cool to discover that – like your fav cake-scoffing blogger 😉 – Clint is just as badass with a blade as he is with a bow.

Oh, and speaking of cool, that much-anticipated Stan Lee cameo is – how we remember The Man – real classy!

“We won’t talk about the technobabble inelegantly cited in a bid to hold it all together – the equivalent of taking out an airplane’s jackscrews and replacing them with bubblegum” – Ed Whitfield: The Ooh Tray. 

At three hours and one minute, this is the longest MCU instalment; kudos to its directors: Anthony and Joe Russo for not letting the pace slip at all, not once, during these epic proceedings. Against all odds, Avengers: Endgame manages to be a worthy and thoroughly enjoyable successor to Avengers: Infinity War.

However, once that sheer exhilaration settles down and those critical faculties kick in, a few niggles pop up preventing me from bestowing it the full quota of five perfectly balanced stars. 

The biggest drawback here happens to be the biggest character: despite having a few cool scenes, Thanos is inevitably relegated to formulaic antagonist.

When Captain Larson shows up at Avengers HQ, nestling the Benatar on their front lawn, there are no gawps or gasps from Steve and co. Obviously, this universe is positively heaving with enhanced individuals of one sort or another, so “New Girl” is allowed to hang around the base, no questions asked, until the moment the script has no further need for her she has to skedaddle to some distant planet to… do something for no discernible reason… She eventually returns, making a brief, but blistering impact during the Final Act which, incidentally, looks far too cluttered and chaotic. All in all, Captain Marvel’s appearance in this movie was not substantial or integral enough to have warranted her own lousy movie almost two months ago.

Personally, last year’s masterpiece – with its towering (and harrowing) central performance, a truly Mighty Marvel Team-Up in the unexpected groovy forms of Thor and Rocket, moon-throwing and THAT unforgettable ending – seared a more indelible mark on my memory, but this is still an incredibly engrossing piece of work, and provides a fitting finale to this frenetic franchise. 

When The BIG Bradscribe MCU Countdown is due to be revised shortly, Avengers: Endgame should be riding high in the Top 10. It deserves to snap out of existence all box office records; after only three days, it’s officially become the Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time. 

The enormous, exciting, and – oh yes – emotional effects have proved remarkable, and will surely never end – this really feels like the blockbuster to end all blockbusters.

Therefore, yours truly takes this opportunity to announce The End of my forty years of cinema-going. Let’s face it: during the next ten – perhaps twenty – years, methinks it probably unlikely that we will ever experience a movie, bigger, bolder or better than this…

At the very least, watching Avengers: Endgame is infinitely preferable to being stuck in a flying doughnut billions of miles from Earth with no backup…



“I like this one.”


“We like very propulsive storytelling. We like to keep it tight and focused, and to give the audience a thrill ride. No one’s been pushing us to cut the film… we’re primarily pushing ourselves” – Anthony Russo. 


13 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame – The Bradscribe Review

  1. Great review! Overall a very satisfying conclusion to a decade of storytelling. I thought Cap and Iron Man’s stories really shone in this movie; it’s sad this is our final outing with these characters. While there are a few plot holes to be found in the time travel stuff, all the character moments and the emotional tone were just right. I will be curious to see what comes next!

    • Thanks Ash!
      Yes, it’s sad to see these characters go, but this was the right time, and a great movie, with which to bow out.
      And still you want more?! 😉
      No, seriously, I am in 2 minds about seeing further MCU movies. It’s been a great 11 years and would be fine if this really was The End, but business is business, and there are 1000s of Marvel characters to consider for the big screen.
      Am itching to discuss those Endgame plot-holes some time soon, so hope you can join me for that! 🙂
      Bless u

      • I’m definitely game to chat more about the time travel stuff! We had a long conversation about it at the office on Monday, and we still didn’t get everything straightened out. 😉 But all the character moments in this film were a home run!

      • Thanks Ash!
        Started to compile my questions about the time travel stuff, and there are far too many! (Hope it doesn’t affect my rating of the movie!)
        Will you be posting the Minutes from Monday’s meeting? 😉

  2. Really enjoyed Avengers Endgame. It was such an action packed, emotional, and epic finale to this era of the MCU. Some of the time travels aspects were a bit confusing, but the sheer spectacle of it all just totally blew me away. I’m not sure how they will ever top it tbh, but its going to be exciting to see what they do with the MCU next. 🙂

    • Thanks Paul!
      Glad to hear you enjoyed Endgame! I’ll be heading over shortly to read your Review
      See you earlier! 😉
      As we both know from our days spent on Gallifrey, Transdimensional Engineering can be such a pain someTIMES. I’ll be discussing the time travel plot-holes soon, so hope you can join me for that! 🙂
      Personally, I’d be fine if this really was The End of the MCU, but no doubt, curiosity will get the better of me and I’ll peep back in to see what they can conjure
      Bless u

  3. I finally had a chance to watch the movie and thought it was really terrific! They had SO MANY characters to fit in, so everyone but the original six were basically just cameos. Although Ms. Marvel didn’t play a huge role in this movie, I still look forward to her in the future MCU.

    • Thank you for your Comment, Nancy!
      It’s great to come back to my blog to find your praise for Endgame – it’s v much appreciated!
      I marvel 😉 at these writers and directors in particular – they really did put in a really terrific job, considering how Infinity War was such a hard act to follow.
      Yes, despite my reservations about the first Captain Marvel movie, it’s still interesting to see where she and the future MCU go from here

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