HALA!: The New Captain Marvel Trailer Is Here!

Higher Further Faster

 “I’m not what you think I am” – Carol Danvers. 

By The Great Pama!

Only a half-human-half-Kree superwoman hurtling Earthwards and crashing into a branch of Blockbuster Video could bounce Brad back into the blogosphere!

The hotly-anticipated trailer for MARVEL STUD10S’ 21st movie: Captain Marvel – MCU’s first solo female-led movie, set in the 1990s – finally arrived yesterday morning.

Here it is:

“War is a universal language. I know a renegade soldier when I see one – never occurred to me that one might come from above” – Nick Fury.

You may not be surprised to learn that a Captain Marvel bio is already in the works on this site!

While the original (male) Captain Marvel was a Kree superhero called Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers served as a USAF pilot who trained with NASA before getting caught in a psyche-magnetron, whereby Mar-Vell’s DNA was fused with Carol’s, imbuing her with superhuman strength and a mysterious seventh sense.

As a big fan of cosmic adventures – already impressed with Guardians of the Galaxy – we are set to see Ronan The Accuser (Lee Pace) and Korath (Djimon Hounsouagain! -and Thor: Ragnarok, this movie looks like it could be another groovy entry in this scintillating subgenre.

Guardians of the Galaxy already introduced us to the Kree, who, in the comics, were at war with the Skrulls, a nasty race of shapeshifting aliens, set to make their big screen debut in this movie.

Nick Fury: “So, you’re not from around here?”

Carol Danvers: “It’s hard to explain. I keep having these memories, I see flashes. I think I have a life here, but I can’t tell if it’s real.”


First Impressions: 

In its first TEN hours online, the Captain Marvel trailer notched up 10 million views.

The general consensus among fans is that the movie looks awesome. Yes, these photonic-blasted rapid scenes look impressive, but…

There is a montage of memories from Carol’s past, both here on Earth, and on Hala, the home planet of the Kree, so the factor of determining who she is and where she really comes from looks set to dominate proceedings. By The Black Nebula! Let’s hope this origins storyline is handled well.

Part of my speculation aimed at this trailer concentrated on what “classic” rock or hip-hop platter would we be subjected to. In the end, alas, we get neither – just the standard bombastic dirge that besets nearly all trailers these days.

It really is swell to see a younger Nick Fury (sans eye patch!), so you can’t help wondering what role S.H.I.E.L.D. (or Hydra?!) will play in this movie.

No sign of Ronan or Korath, but at least we got to see Starforce, the combo of Kree superheroes as featured in the comics (see above). They are led by an enigmatic figure (played by Jude Law) who may likely be Mar-Vell himself – the original “Captain Marvel.” 

Most intriguingly, the Skrull archvillain: Talos is played by Ben Mendelsohn. If he is allowed to be even half as impressive as he was in Rogue One, the MCU will be blessed with a stronger, more compelling, villain. But he had no badass line, not even the barest glimpse here! The only shot of a Skrull we get is an autopsy. And that is a long shot. 

This trailer did not super-psyche me up in quite the way Ragnarok or Infinity War trailers managed so easily. 

Hopefully, this long-awaited Captain Marvel movie will manage to be about as great as any of the Captain America movies, and not as weak as the most recent Ant-Man And The Wasp. 

Personally, if Carol shouts “Hala!” at all the right tense and exciting moments like she did during her own Bronze Age comic book series, Brad should be a happy bunny. 

This blockbuster will be crashing into our popcorn parlours from Friday 8 March 2019International Women’s Day, of course! 


Are YOU impressed with this trailer? Let me know in the Comments! 




18 thoughts on “HALA!: The New Captain Marvel Trailer Is Here!

  1. I’m so looking forward to this. Captain Marvel has been my favourite comic book character for the last five or six years and this is going to be great.

    • Hope this movie meets, nay, exceeds your expectations!
      Favourite comic book character – Carol Danvers is an intriguing character, so it will be interesting to see how she’s portrayed in her big screen debut.
      Thank u for your Comment!

  2. I am really impressed with the trailer. Even though it doesn’t show us much, it gives us enough. And well, I know it’s bombastic, but man oh man did I like the accompanying music in this trailer. I look forward to that bio, as I am not that familiar with this character. I know she is supposed to be very powerful…but that’s about it 😅 But…definitely looking forward to this movie! 😊


    I’ve read all her stuff since Kelly Sue Deconnick took the title in 2010 and I think Captain Marvel’s become one of the most important characters Marvel has. In the comics, I think she represents where their future is/should be heading. I think Carol can be that on the big screen too – a balance of cosmic and terrestrial, a powerhouse performance, a lot of larger-than-life fun. I’ve loved what the MCU’s given us but, as sad as it will be to see the old timers step away, I’m ready for the future with Captain Marvel and Black Panther forming the core/leading the way, as Cap and Iron Man have done for the last ten years.

    • Thank u, Michael, for sharing your short reaction 🙂
      Despite a somewhat underwhelming trailer, I still expect Marvel Studios to deliver another winner. My only concern is that Brie Larson looked like she’s already been taken over by a Skrull, but hope she puts in a great performance
      Moving forward w Captain Marvel and black Panther? 2 words for u: hell and yeah 😉

      • The trailer did make me long for video stores! Thankfully I still have two in town. There’s just something special about walking around, perusing the shelves, and seeing what catches your eye. You can’t get the same experience with Netflix or Amazon or Hulu, no matter how convenient they may be.

      • Still have 2 video stores in town?! That’s rad, man!
        Yes, that Blockbuster shot was a great way to announce this movie’s 90s’ setting
        It’s 3 decades since Brad last indulged in that whole perusing-thing; Net…flix? Would that be The Incredible Hulu? These just go over this 20th Century Boy’s head! 😉

      • Haha, I’m picking up what you’re putting down. And I feel so lucky we still have two Family Video stores in town. I’m sure they’re fighting to stay afloat but, as long as they’re there, I’m going to be patronizing them!

      • To have 1 Family Video Store in town is unique, but to still have TWO is awesome!
        I bet both wish that a half-Kree superwoman would fall on their establishment – it’ll do wonders for business! 😉

      • Hahaha, yes it would! They should have an in-store promo with someone in a Captain Marvel costume. Can you imagine how excited people would be after the film comes out?? They may end up renting some stuff just for the fun of it too!

  4. I’m excited! I think the trailer did a good job hinting at what we’ll see without giving away the plot. Will be very curious to see how this (presumably) leads into Infinity War part 2. Man, 2019 is going to be big year for movies! 🙂 Most of the movies I was most looking forward to in 2018 have already come out, so I’m already getting hyped about next year. 😉 ha ha I don’t know a lot about Captain Marvel, but I can’t wait to meet her!

    • Yay! Welcome back, Ash! 🙂
      I think this Captain Marvel trailer is a tad underwhelming – no shot of Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, the Skree villain; Brie Larson does not emote at all here! I hope she puts in a good performance in the movie.
      I will work on a Captain Marvel bio in due course! 😉

      • I’ll look forward to that bio post! I loved Ben Mendelsohn in Rogue One, so hopefully he gets lots to do here! I’ll be “lurking” around the blogosphere for a couple more weeks, but I’ve got some ideas for when Box Office Buzz returns!

      • Yes, Mendelsohn is 1 of the many reasons why Rogue One is so great! 🙂 He is a mighty fine addition to the MCU – let’s hope he turns out to be a love-to-hate Loki and not another weak Kaecilius! 0_0
        The anticipation of Captain Marvel’s solo movie; the intrigue of Avengers 4; and now the excitement surrounding the “ideas” of boxofficebuzz! ooh! so much MORE to look forward to! 🙂

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