In Loving Memory Of Our Princess: Carrie Fisher

One Year On – Still Can’t Believe She’s Gone…

Lor San Tekka: “Oh, the General? To me, she is royalty.” 

Poe Dameron: “Well, she certainly is that.” 


“Carrie was one-of-a-kind… one gorgeous, fiercely independent and ferociously funny, take-charge woman who took our collective breath away…

“She played such a crucial role in my professional and personal life, and both would have been far emptier without her” – Mark Hamill.

“Star Wars is about family, and that’s what is so powerful about it” 

Carrie Frances Fisher (21 October 1956 – 27 December 2016). 


16 thoughts on “In Loving Memory Of Our Princess: Carrie Fisher

  1. When I read yesterday that it’s already been a year, I just couldn’t believe it. I still remember getting the news and just sitting still for about 10 minutes doing absolutely nothing. It was such sad news.
    She really was one of the pivotal driving forces of the Star Wars franchise. May the force be with her….always 😢

    • I know what u mean – it was so unexpected, so untimely
      Carrie had that special something – “strong w th Force” may sound incongruous, but sums up perfectly her many talents
      Thank u

      • Yeah, it was very unexpected. I had seen her on the Uk star wars celebration before her death, and she was so amazing. I loved her on the stage with her dog. She was truly kind and very enthusiastic with the fans. Truly a great loss 😢

      • Her beloved Gary even had a cameo in this film. When one is too busy looking for cameos, rather than following th “plot”, u realise u’re not watching a fitting tribute.
        How about this: VIII should have been written by Carrie and directed by Mark.
        I would have queued on 1st night for THAT
        Truly a great loss

      • Ugh, yeah I wonder how the movie would have turned out if that would have happened. Probably a lot better and a much better tribute that is for sure. Then again to even remotely call this movie a tribute is just a joke 😢 Oh well….still have faith in JJ though (and I believe in fairytales as well 😂).

      • To even remotely call this a movie, period.
        A 150 minute Disney commercial, nothing more!
        I’ll let u keep th faith w JJ – I really can’t see how how/where th saga can/will go from here

      • Yup….that is so true. All that was missing was Mickey Mouse, but I am sure they will fix that with the director’s cut 😂
        I really don’t either, but who knows. Maybe some good will come out of all this 😊

  2. If anyone hasn’t the seen the footage of Carrie and Warwick Davis from the 2016 Star Wars Celebration, do check it out – it’s hilarious and shows Carrie at her best.

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