Thor: Ragnarok: The Bradscribe Review


Thor: “It’s… not possible…” 

Hela: “Darling, you have no idea what’s possible.” 

“This’ll be such fun!” Loki purrs during one typically delirious scene in the fizzy and frenetic funfair that is Thor: Ragnarok.

For once, we can trust the word of the God of Mischief. 

Anxious not to repeat Thor: The Dark World’s lacklustre response, the powers-that-be have gone out of their way to pile a whole Hemsworth of great stuff into this Chapter 5 of the MCU’s Phase 3. Gone is The Dark World’s pompous and plodding tone – now it’s The Thor The Merrier! 

Obviously, the real test here was all about how impressive Cate Blanchett could be in the role of Hera, Goddess of Death – one of my All-Time Fave Comic Book Characters. Huzzah, this is a mighty-fine-antlers-and-all performance. Cate looks and sounds stunning, and when Hela decimates each and every warrior in sight she does get pretty breathtaking. 

More wonderful than “Wonder Woman” that’s for sure!  

And that awesome shot of the Odinson Brothers taking up their laser cannons and blasting their way to freedom is certainly one that you will be seeing plenty more times on this site! 

“This is madness…” – Loki. 

What a delicious pitch: Lord Of The Rings meets Guardians Of The Galaxy. With a dash of Krull. And Gladiator.

Thor: Ragnarok’s non-stop action does not take place merely on Asgard: Thor finds himself transported from New York to Norway before falling onto the candy-colour junkworld of Sakaar, controlled – appropriately enough – by the incomparable Jeff Goldblum as the delightfully daffy Grandmaster. When his involvement was first announced, it seemed certain that Jeff would not disappoint in this role, and our faith has been rewarded. And then some. 

Shame that the Grandmaster’s Champion had already been revealed to us through the Trailers. Mark Ruffalo was great in both Avengers movies, but never as entertaining as this. Both Hulk and Banner are a joy to watch, especially when interacting with Thor. Chris Hemsworth is as impeccable as ever, his comedy chops have vastly improved as the MCU has evolved.

At first, Tessa Thompson’s casting as Valkyrie was bewildering, but she is allowed to put in a surprisingly groovyalbeit groggy – turn. A valuable addition to The Revengers, Valkyrie can down hefty bottles of alien alcohol in seconds AND defy the laws of physics in a single leap! Speaking of things unnatural, it was so good to see Dr Strange again, even if his teleporting seems to outnumber his lines… 

Taika Waititi has become the Main Man around here this week. Watched the hilarious What We Do In The Shadows this Halloween week to get acquainted with this visionary director from New Zealand. It’s amazing what an effervescent feel Taika has added to these comical-cosmic ripping-retro proceedings. 

The director’s own motion capture performance as Korg the Kronan is suitably endearing, and received plenty of laughs around the auditorium during both of my viewings. But watch some of the interviews he’s done and you will find that Taika can be a Hela-va lot more hilarious. (And you know Brad hates to brag, but that Stan Lee cameo turned out just as predicted! 🙂 )

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 should have been as enjoyable as this. 

“Listen! He’s threatening me! Hey, Sparkles! Here’s the deal…” – The Grandmaster.

Thor: “Hey, let’s do ‘Get Help’… Come on, you love it.”

Loki: “I hate it.”

Thor: “It’s great; it works every time.”

Loki: “It’s humiliating.”

Thor: “Do you have a better plan?”

Loki: “No.” 

Thor: “We’re doing it.”

Loki: “We are not doing ‘Get Help’.”

With a film as warm and welcome as this, Thor: Ragnarok’s niggles are thankfully few and far between. Perhaps the main annoyance for me centres on Hela’s insufficient screen-time. Both the character and performance deserved far more attention. Sources say that as much as 30 minutes were trimmed from this Final Cut; it will be very interesting to find out what those Extras entail. Personally, this film could go on for many hours more and it would be impossible to become bored!  

From Thor hanging around with Surtur, to the “Lord” 😉 of Thunder leading his own Asgardians of the Galaxy off into the technicolour cosmos, these scintillating 130 minutes easily provide the Most Entertaining Cinema Experience of 2017.

With the only challenge to its supremacy coming from Disney’s delightful little adventure romp: Porgs In Space finally coming out of hyperspace NEXT MONTH, this third (and final?) solo trip to Asgard looks set to become the Bradscribe Movie Of The Year. 

Honestly, Thor: Ragnarok is precisely the sort of pure escapist sci-fi/fantasy rental that would have fed my VCR for weeks thirty years ago – the praise doesn’t get any higher than that…

Who would have thought that Ragnarok could be this much FUN? Heimdall’s Eyes! This IS SUCH FUN!!





“To be honest, I expected more” – Hela. 


30 thoughts on “Thor: Ragnarok: The Bradscribe Review

    • Yes, really!
      Thanks for your Comment, Kim.
      This Thor movie is definitely much funnier, and a great way to escape from th real world for a couple of hours
      AND they play your fave Led Zep song too! 🙂
      Highly recommended!

  1. I JUST got out of my first screening of ‘Thor: Ragnarök’ and as soon as I got home I jumped on here to get the Bradscribe take. I agree with you my friend, wholeheartedly. This was so much fun! I loved it. I’m glad it lived up to your hopes too; I know how big a Hela fan you are. And who knows?? Maybe we’ll get an extended director’s cut when the DVD comes out!

    • MICHAEL, u’re BACK! Heavens b praised! I thot I’d lost u forever!!

      Glad to hear u had so much fun w this too!
      Kinda difficult not to get swept along w it isn’t it?
      Did u prepare any Thor cosplay?

      An extended cut would do v nicely, thank you!
      And yes, one Hela-va good time was had!
      Feel so high I wanna touch th sky!
      KISS ME, CATE!!

      • I didn’t do any cosplay this time but I did have a t-shirt with Thor and Hulk on it :). I’ve got a few more Thor shirts hanging in the closet so I think that means I need to see the film a few more times too…

        And OF COURSE I’m back! You’ll never be able to shake me. I just often fall behind during the school year. I barely have time to write most weeks let alone enjoy some reading too. But like magical Christmas snow I’ll always return!

      • Yay, t-shirts
        Of course, really cool movies were meant to b watched over and over again!

        Actually, my Stats r dwindling, and it’s been disheartening see some of my regular Followers “disappear” these past few years
        Had this English DC fan who Liked/Commented on everything I did, but… MAY have inadvertently dissed th Warner/DC movies, ‘cos he vanished, NEVER to return…
        What th Hela – under this gruff exterior, I’m really a crushingly sentimental young BOOBIE – honestly, my face lit up when I saw th back of yer head again after all these weeks…
        How does that song go?
        “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow”

      • Well I’m happy to have made you smile! Like I said, during the school year I can get buried under grading and planning at times (and struggle to get new content for my own site, let alone read and comment on others) but I can assure you I enjoy your stuff far too much to ever disappear on you for good! Like a bad penny, I’ll keep on turning up :).

      • That Thor YES! gif encapsulates perfectly my reaction to ALL th Comments with which u enrich this site.
        Much obliged for th assurance.
        Now I can get back to writing The God Machine: Th Numinous In SF – after all, it is th assignment u gave me 🙂

      • “Hang on a minute… coming round again…” 😉
        My research is making steady progress. In th meantime, I have another Asgardian Post lined up for next Thorsday.
        In th next few days, th mighty 200th Post will b unleashed – glad u came back to catch this landmark event

      • No way! That’s great! I happen to be working on my 200th post right now too. I’m not certain when it’ll be up but it’s kind of exciting we’re working on them simultaneously. And let me add a big WOO HOO for more Asgardian goodness to come! Yay!

      • Blimey! U’re more prolific than I could ever be.
        Right now, I feel like writing more Asgardian goodness EVERY Thorsday.
        This Ragnarok movie is so good, it’s made me not only review th old Thor comics, but also revive my interest in Norse mythology
        Good luck w your 200th Post

      • That’s a perfect tribute to how exciting the movie is and…honestly, that should be the goal for Marvel’s movies. They should make the viewer want to dive back into the old comics to have more fun with the characters they loved on the screen (and, in this case, the Norse myths they came from). It’s just one more reason to love Thor’s Day :).

      • I concur (not like me to argue w a teacher anyway!)
        It wld b interesting to see how effective th MCU is/has been in inspiring greater appreciation of th source material.
        Used to be so engrossed in studying Norse mythology – my return to it has been long overdue.
        I will keep on writing about all-things-Asgardian every Thorsday (at least until somebody hands over th petition…)
        BY ODIN’S BEARD!

      • I did a handful of Thor’s Day posts myself, leading up to the new movie, but I didn’t have the drive to make it a regular, weekly thing. But I am so excited that you’re looking to do just that!!! There’s so much to explore too, from the Norse myths to decades of comics, even to how he’s evolved in the MCU.

        Bring it all on my friend! Let us sit on the Rainbow Bridge, eating ice cream, as we toast the Asgardian joy you’re sure to bring us each Thurs…uh, I’m sorry, THOR’s Day. Woo hoo!

      • SO GOOD to know I will have th backing to delve into weekly Asgardian joy; love th way th comics blended th fantsy w th SF – so these forthcoming Posts will not seem so far removed from my usual ramblings.
        U already know who th subject of this Thorsday’s Post will be!
        Okey dokey: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry? 🙂

    • Glad u liked my Review!
      It was v special for me to finally watch Thor and Hela on th big screen, (but they really should have spent more time together)

  2. Awesome review! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing this again this weekend. The movie had a different tone that took me a bit to get used to; I’m curious to see what my thought are on second viewing. Been listening to the groovy soundtrack this week as I work on creative writing projects. 🙂

    • Thanks, Ash!
      Thot u might enjoy this write-up!
      I am curious to see what your 2nd viewing thots will be!
      Good to know you’ve been listening to that groovy OST – even better to learn that u r working on creative writing projects! Now I am on tenterhooks

      • I’ve got this comment bookmarked so I can let you know what I thought after my second viewing this weekend! 🙂 About two years ago I dusted off a sci-fi novel I had written in high school/college. Was in pretty rough condition 😉 ha ha but I’ve been having fun revising it.

      • Great!
        U might like to view my Hela profile before that magic second viewing – my latest Post has just gone up online!
        It’s good to dust off old projects – even greater to have fun revising it!
        Can we expect to see any of it some time…? I’m intrigued! 🙂

      • Ooo, that sounds like fun! I’ve got that bookmarked to check out. Loved Cate Blanchett in that role. I enjoyed my second viewing of Ragnarok; I think I enjoyed it more than the first since I knew what to expect and was more used to the style of humor. I haven’t decided what to do with my creative writing project when I’m done with it…maybe blogging some of it would be a good way to go! 🙂

      • Yay, thot u might enjoy th 2nd viewing of th Thor 3quel more!
        Love Cate Blanchett anyway, and Hela is 1 of my fave comic book characters so = awesome-x2
        Blogging some of your writing project is th best way to go
        My own writing has increased – in both quantity and quality since I began experimenting w drafts via WordPress.

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