Spider-Man: Homecoming: The Bradscribe Review

Watch Out! The Amazing Spoiler-Man Can Do Whatever A Spoiler Can!

Let’s Face It: Brad Is The Last In The Universe To See (And Review) This Blockbuster –

Let’s Discuss This (OK, Geek-Out) Like Sensible MCU Fans… WOO-HOO! LET’S DO THIS!

“One of the reasons it’s called Homecoming is because it feels right that Spider-Man can finally inhabit the full Marvel world from which he came” – Kevin Feige. 

“Can’t you just be a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man?” Tony Stark remarks to our boy blunder: Peter Parker during Spider-Man: Homecoming – the latest entry in the phenomenal MCU franchise. By the time that underwhelming Spider-Man 3 appeared ten years ago, the franchise had become less-than-friendly, and that significantly less-than-Amazing Andrew Garfield double-ill was certainly not welcome in my neighbourhood…

Although Tom Holland (the British stage actor who excelled on London’s West End in the Billy Elliott musical) proved to be a brilliant – albeit brief – success in last year’s Captain America: Civil War, when news broke of yet another Spidey-flick it regrettably triggered my Reboot Allergy. So, not surprisingly, my reaction to Homecoming was not exactly welcoming…

However(!), the first Reviews turned out to be overwhelmingly positive; moreover, the premise of “Ferris Bueller with added webbing” clinched it for me. Besides, Marvel Studio’s uncanny knack of blowing our socks off in the wildest, most unexpected ways looks unstoppable right now.

Glad to see a Spidey movie not bogged down by any of that “with-great-power-comes-great-pretzels” malarkey from the Raimi/McGuire era. It is with tremendous joy – and relief! – that Director Jon Watts and his crew have succeeded at putting together a FUN and marvel(KABOOM!)ous time at your local popcorn parlour.

Quite simply, THIS is how a really Amazing Spider-Man movie should look like!

“You need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders” – May Parker.

“You got to get better at this part of the job…”

One factor that will be unanimously agreed is the casting of Tom Holland. Having hoofed it on the West End, he brings the required agility to do all (well, most) of his Spider-stunts. Yep, he operates in that “little grey area” pretty well!

Also, Tom Holland is – quite easily – the best big screen Peter Parker, portraying the awkward, mixed-up teen slouching along the corridors of Diversity High so well, but fairly early on, it becomes apparent that he gabbles too fast. When he gets together with best buddy Ned (Jacob Batalon), their exchanges, consisting of frantic whispering at some points, almost become unintelligible. Really liked his Extreme Interrogation voice – part of me wanted that through all the suited-up scenes! Seriously though, Holland has such a distinctive voice – surely anyone who comes into contact with Spider-Man would suss that it’s that doofus Peter Parker…? 

Apparently, it has been a long-touted aim of Head Honcho Kevin Feige to one day cross a MCU movie with a John Hughes comedy. And here it is! See Michelle (Zendaya)? That’s Ally Sheedy right there! A team of SIX writers is enough to doom any movie, but they managed to produce an entertaining package. However, the 80s vibe is not as fully realised as it could be; extra high school scenes should have been developed, especially with Michelle: an instantly endearing quirky gal who deserved additional funny lines; the script is not as sophisticated as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or The Breakfast Club. 

Peter Parker: “But I’m nothing without this suit.”
Tony Stark: “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.”

The rich, the powerful, like Stark, they don’t care about us! The world’s changed boys – time we changed too!” – Adrian Toomes. 

There is another awesome reason that helped push me into watching this, and that is the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton. “Fuck! They put him in a cape too?!” 😉

Rightfully enjoying a renaissance in his onscreen career, it’s a wonder that Keaton agreed to be in this at all: his third stint as a winged comic book character. Immediately, he instils a sense of menace that has otherwise been lacking from MCU villainy recently. The most extraordinary aspect regarding Adrian Toomes is how ordinary he is – an everyday guy just as frustrated and put-upon like the best of us; not only does Keaton convince, Toomes is so relatable. When Peter comes to pick up his date, you could feel a huge shudder of shock from fellow moviegoers as her father answered the door…

In his short and tender life, Brad has endured some very trying struggles, but… please, NEVER leave me alone in a car with Michael Keaton. EVER…

Not only has the “world changed,” but one quintessential element is curiously absent. Although we are mercifully spared the (exhausted) origins story, there are NO spider-senses(!) on display neither. Admittedly, this True Believer was never a big fan of that red and blue Spider-suit (it chafes me nipples), and my access to Spidey’s original comic books proved somewhat limited, but ask me to offer just one of the webhead’s defining traits and it would have to be those spider-senses.

Did the writers discard this trait intentionally?! With great reboots come great alterations? Not convinced. And certainly not chuffed that we were denied even a single tingle…

Watching Peter failing to come to terms with his new suit (voiced by Jennifer Connelly?!) is fairly amusing, and may be appreciated by this hi-tech generation (who probably ordered/paid for their popcorn via smartphone) but just shows how contentious the wilful tampering with a well-established character can be – it just doesn’t make (spider) sense. Honestly, Homecoming could have ended up with only 3 stars because of this…

Anyway, to emphasise what a shared Universe this is, having Tony Stark as the coolest – and richest – mentor an enhanced juve could have added such a groovy touch. Undeniably, the scenes that Holland and Downey Jr – ha ha, yes! – share together are among this film’s highlights.

And, oh yes, “Garry” 😉 is a blast as ever!

There is something else that would make required viewing: As prep for the role – to get a feel for American high school life – Tom (who is now 21!) posed as a student for three days – the teachers and fellow students had NO IDEA. Would love to see their faces as they watch this in the cinema and realise that that kid (soon to be a mega-star – and deservedly so!) had mingled amongst them that week…!

There were a number of LOL scenesperhaps not as many as this reviewer would have preferred; Ned, obviously, got a few chuckles (is there any other reason for his part in this?), but Aunt Hottie got the biggest roar in the auditorium during that instant-classic closing shot. In a single frame, Tom Holland’s startled expression here encapsulates the sheer entertainment value of this latest MCU triumph – it’s priceless.


BRADSCRIBE VERDICT: How many more of these? 😉

Tom Holland: “That’s amazing! I thought he would take a huge amount of persuading… but Rob [Downey Jr.] said yes. He loved being here – he was like a happy little kid on set.”

Tony Stark: “I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that…” 


15 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Homecoming: The Bradscribe Review

  1. First, if it makes you feel any better Brad, I haven’t seen this yet, and probably won’t until the DVD comes out. I do believe that makes me the last person in the universe to see this.😢 I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this! When I saw Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War, he immediately impressed me with how he comfortably held his own with stars like Robert Downey Jr. By the end of his cameo I was on my feet yelling “Finally! This is the Peter Parker we’ve been waiting for!” Thankfully my husband and I were watching at home so he was the only one who thought I had become slightly unhinged. I am curious though about the lack of Spidey senses. I’ve heard other people complaining about this too. I wonder if they’re maybe planning on bring them in later? In the original comics he gets them when he’s bitten by a radioactive spider, but he’s in college when that happens. I would love to know why the Powers-That-Be who are behind the film would change this. I know in this he’s still in high school, but couldn’t he have been bitten on a field trip to some scientific facility? Well, anyway, I’m so glad that this glaring omission doesn’t wreck the movie. I was already looking forward to seeing this, but now I’m really excited!😁

    • Thanks, Kim, for such a lovely epic Comment!
      Homecoming is great fun, but not really cinematic – u will certainly enjoy it on DVD.
      Civil War was so good in how it “introduced” Spidey into th MCU.
      Yes, I wld really like to find out what’s happened to those senses!
      I think th original comic (1963!) showed Parker getting bit in such a facility on a field trip, but I’ll look into it!

  2. I had no idea Tom Holland did some method-acting-research by spending some time in high schools! That’s fantastic. Also, wonderful review as always Brad! I’m glad you got a chance to see the movie and that you enjoyed it too. You’re spot on about Adrian Toomes too! He might be the best, most menacing, most fully realized villain we’ve seen in the MCU so far with the only potential challenger to the role being Loki of course. I so, so, soooo hope we get to see more of Michael Keaton some way, some how, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, I second your wish for more Michelle! Zandaya was brilliant!

    • Thanks, Michael!
      That method-acting res was such a great anecdote – had to get that in here!
      Toomes is more menacing than Loki ever was, but I have a strong feeling that Hela (in th forthcoming Thor hitter) will b th most awesome of all!!
      Why, she’s more fearsome than Michelle!
      I had th chance to go watch Homecoming – glad I took it

      • I think Hela looks very promising too! Which, in and of itself, raises an interesting point. Despite the Thor movies so often getting made fun of compared to the rest of the MCU, they’ve given us one solid villain, one miss, and one super-promising looking villain now too. All in all, that’s not too bad!

        Also, I totally agree. Toomes was far more menacing than Loki. Loki was another well rounded character and I loved how real/alive he was in the films, but Toomes just drips danger!

      • HOPING that Ragnarok is th Thor movie of my dreams (he is my second-fave Avenger after all!) Cate Blanchett looks like she cld make Hela work big time – she’s mesmerising in just that Trailer!
        Keeping it cool for another 4 months (I’ll try!)
        Whether Keaton will return is difficult to tell, but always expect th unexpected w th MCU!
        Make Mine Marvel!!

      • Thor’s always been my second favorite too! Spider-Man’s my all-time favorite superhero (since forever) and Thor’s been my second favorite since I first found his comics as a kid! (I first started reading him in the era when Eric Masterson was the Thunder God.) I’m just gonna say it – great minds think alike :).

        I’m excited for ‘Ragnarok’ too! (And by that, obviously I mean the film and not the end of the world as described in Norse mythology.) Personally, I loved the first Thor film and found the second to be a lot of fun (even if it wasn’t my favorite of the MCU) but I’m looking forward to this. As a kid, I always remember the Thor comics feeling “far out” since they were so often anchored in the cosmic realm of the Marvel Universe. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ looks like it’s going to try and capture that!

      • By Ymir’s frosty beard!! Sounds like u will enjoy my Norse Posts when they reach your side of Midgard!
        HUGE fan of Thor since Keith Pollard was doing th art (from 1981), but in my BA quest, have sought Buscema’s classic ishs!
        Never heard of Eric (during th 90s when I didn’t follow comics?)
        I always prefer cosmic comics, so Asgardian adventures appeal.
        Both Thor movies are groovy (but falter when the action moves to Midgard) but it looks like Ragnarok will b better!

  3. Awesome review, as always! I thought Tom Holland made the perfect Spidey, and I liked how this version wasn’t as angsty as some of the past movies. It was a fun time at the theater for sure! Michael Keaton was a great villain and I loved that he was more of an ordinary guy, who wasn’t trying to take over the world. Looking forward to seeing Spidey in more MCU projects!

    • Thanks, Ash!
      Peculiar, isn’t it? Drop th ‘Amazing’ from th title and then Spidey becomes amazing!
      Yes, who needs angst in blockbusters anyway?! Make it FUN
      Absolute pleasure to see Keaton playing another Birdman!
      Make Mine Marvel!

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