“Oh Globbits!”: It’s The Bradscribe Video Show!

“Where The Blazes Has That Brad Got To?!”

“He’s Stuck In An 80s Vortex!”

“What, AGAIN?!”

“Eighties – I’m living in the Eighties
Eighties – I have to push, I have to struggle
Eighties – get out of my way, I’m not for sale no murr!” – Killing Joke.

Yes, again!

Welcome to my very own neon sanctuary, which – not that surprising to all those who know an’ love Bradscribe oozes with positive 80s vibes.

A cavalcade of classic 80s pop can get me out of any daggy, uncreative mood. After a few weeks stuck in a rut – unable to make ANY of my writing dance, or fly, in my usual inimitable groovy style – various vids were activated and bingo! – it has worked! My reviews, articles – even my fiction! – are now back on track.

Instead of banging out that intense piece about dystopian SF – besides, it’s a wet and dreary Bank Holiday Monday out there – thought it best to spread this feelgood factor. In this Age of Outrage, we could certainly do with MORE FUN and nostalgia!

This is not the first time this site has delved into Neon Nostalgia and it won’t be the last!

Not only could you listen to the best pop music – on your own Sony Walkman of course! – the 80s also offered the best videos, the best movies, the best telly shows, the best candy etc. etc.

For those of you too young to remember the Golden Age of the music video (or never around then) no worries! Let this selection of some of my faves – with my blessings – be your gateway. 

No need to get your deely-bobbers in a twist! Help yourself to a Curly-Wurly!

Just pull your jacket sleeves up, stick your ghetto-blaster in the air and away we go!

“You’re too shy shy hush hush eye to eye
Too shy shy hush hush eye to eye
Too shy shy hush hush eye to eye
Too shy shy hush hush hush” – Kajagoogoo. 

One of the most distinctive synthpop groups of the 80s was Ultravox – always been fascinated by that snazzy sci-fi name!

They had several classic vids, but this was the best ‘cos it was the most exciting.

Great camaraderie among the group in this highly adventurous vid; plus, the director has even wrangled a way to include Midge Ure’s addiction to hang-gliding as well – huzzah!

You do realise that between 0:30-0:39 you will witness the Greatest Moment in Pop Video History:

“Say, we can act if we want to
If we don’t, nobody will
And you can act real rude and totally removed
And I can act like an imbecile” – Men Without Hats.

And they say that back in the day this fella was a heartthrob? Wild Boys? Too wild fer me, man…

Still, a darn sight better than the talentless cretins the “music industry” foist upon us nowadays, but hey! Promised there would be NO argy-bargy on this Post.

The only mildly offensive material you may encounter here is a very dodgy shoulder pad or two.

You really couldn’t get anyone less offensive than Kate Bush.

Despite being perceived as a tad uncool back in the day, this video has always affected me in a good way. Part of the charm here is a wonderful cameo from Donald Sutherland, and guess what!

Managed to accompany this vid with a gif from cult classic teen vamp shocker:The Lost Boys, which features Donald’s son Kiefer.

Ha, Brad amazes even himself sometimes!

“You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round, round, round” – Dead Or Alive.

Look at this!

With spiky blond hair and bum fluff, THIS is EXACTLY how Brad looked in 1987!


Even at college, the most common thing people in the street asked me happened to be: “Could I have your autograph, Kiefer?”

In 1985, the Sisters of Mercy were a standard dark Goth band, but with the breakthrough Floodland LP in 1987, they became a bigger and better phenomenon. With a steady stream of hit singles, each came with its own elaborate video.

Here, with Dominion, we see what 80s videos excelled at: amazing photography, exotic location shots and iconic moments. This is the most unlikely place to find a saxophone! But then again, anything and everything could work during the 80s.

Here, Andrew Eldritch never looked cooler.

And Patricia Morrison never looked hotter. 

“Karma Karma Karma Karma, Karma Chameleon
You come and go, you come and go
Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dream
Red gold and green, red gold and green” – Culture Club.

Dominating BBC TV schedules every Thursday night used to be Top Of The Pops.

If a pop group wanted to boost sales they could do no better than be featured on this show. Sure, all appearances were mimed, the presenters would sometimes bombard audiences with the most appalling puns, and the audience invariably consisted of morons who believed that hogging the cameras was the ONE aim in life, but it became – undeniably – a National Treasure.

Loved the exotic Eastern sounds of Blancmange’s Living On The Ceiling. Fondly remenber this as one of my all-tive fave TV moments, and feeling aggrieved that (being, at that time, without a VCR) there would never be another chance to watch this ever again…

“Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscles
I said, “Do you speak-a my language?”
He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich” – Men At Work.

Now, something to enrich your viewing pleasure!

My American friends will be unaware of this lil gem – the main reason why Brad hardly did any of his school homework! Or his chores! (Whatever they were…)

“Cthulhu for kids” as one bright spark remarked. The narrator: Willie Rushton was a talented writer/satirist and his distinctive voice worked perfectly.

Who needs CGI  when you can do wonders with plasticine?!

With the revelation that Drut spelt backwards is turd, the hilarity lasted for WEEKS – aah, happy times…

“I feel peculiar…”

“Hold a chicken in the air
Stick a deckchair up your nose
Buy a jumbo jet
And then bury all your clothes
Paint your left knee green
Then extract your wisdom teeth
Form a string quartet
And pretend your name is Keith” – Spitting Image.

With film reviews, comic round-ups, fiction, and now 80s Club Nights (WAHEY!!) you can’t deny that Brad is one groovy gaff at which to hang out!

Whatever lousy mood you may find yourself in, trust me, put on this next vid by the Thompson Twins (hey, there’s three of ’em, ha!) and a big, contented grin will always be guaranteed.

“Dance, boy; dance, boy!”

“Wake me up before you go-go
Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
Wake me up before you go-go
‘Cause I’m not plannin’ on going solo” – Wham.


And how could we end this Post without including Bill Murray?!

Honestly, it was either him or Molly Ringwald… 

“I ain’t afraid of no gif”


Well, what vids did you/do you enjoy the most from the 80s?


19 thoughts on ““Oh Globbits!”: It’s The Bradscribe Video Show!

    • Glad u enjoyed it!
      From now on I’ll stick w UK classics so my choices don’t clash w your FNV!
      Looking forward to this Friday already! 😉

      • No, no my friend. You let your heart decide which music you want to use. Nobody owns music (except the record companies and artists..hehe) and the memories you attach to them. Please tell your story with whatever soundtrack you choose.

      • Aww, thanks, man.
        Actually, I find obscure stuff more preferable and delight in presenting friends w songs they may never have heard.
        Real music is universal and should not b owned!

  1. I don’t even know where to start with the things I loved in this post. So I’ll just start with BILL MURRAY ladies and gentlemen!!!!! YES!

    There are SO many great videos to choose from from the 80’s but the one that comes to mind first is Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.” I’ve always loved Billy Joel. I was raised on him (along with Rod Stewart, Cher, John Mellencamp, and so many other greats) and that video, coming out when I was around one or so, is one of my earliest video memories. I loved the weird garage dancing/singing and the motorcycles for spotlights and the limo and Christie Brinkley and the happily-ever-after finale and all that stuff. Ahh, you’ve made me all nostalgic now!

    • Excellente!
      I too have fond memories of Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl!
      As for Rod, Maggie May is th one I always select @ Karaoke Bars!
      So glad to hear from u that this Post WORKED!
      U can understand why I don’t want to leave this vortex. Just yet…

      • Ooooo…”Maggie May” is SUCH a great song! I’ve done it a time or two in karaoke myself. Although, I’d love to see the Bradscribe rendition. Anytime someone has a go-to karaoke song I’m always intrigued to see it live myself – especially if it’s something as epic as Rod Stewart!

      • A fellow Karaoke conqueror – small world!
        Th Bradscribe rendition is not much of a pretty sight, but I do me best!
        It’s late September and I really should be back at school

      • See, my thought is karaoke is all about fun more than it is about spot on vocal talent. I like to think when I go up there and sing people are like, “You know, okay, yeah, I can sing after that guy.” They certainly aren’t blown away by my professional talent :). But I have fun with it! I get the sense a Bradscribe performance would be a lot of fun too.

      • Okey dokey, fella!
        I’ll reserve u a seat next time Brad Company hang out @ th Greedy Greedo Bar!
        Never a dull moment, so they say

  2. A-ha’s “Take On Me” was the pinnacle of MTV’s videos, and there has never been one I remember with such fondness as that groundbreaking video!

  3. Great post! 🙂 Man I miss the 80s. Most music sucks so much now. I’m enjoying introducing my kid to classic 80’s videos, like Girls Just Want To Have Fun. I miss all the great electronic pop too. 🙂

    • Thank u for your Comment!
      80s nostalgia is so popular right now, and rightly so
      Passing on th classics to th next generation – th best move!!
      Keep up th good work!
      Bless u

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