The Neuromantics: 200 Followers Now!

Another Blogging Milestone 


“Congratulations on getting 200 total Follows on Bradscribe!” – WordPress.

And it only took forty months…

Amazing. One day you’re writing about 2000 (AD); the next: about 200 – 200 total Followers, in fact. Seeing as how this is the week for gushing acceptance speeches, maybe it’s possible to take my allotted forty seconds to gush over this landmark event. 

A BIG THANK YOU to all those fellow bloggers who continue to pop round here for something good, something Brad, a little bit a’ both.

My first Followers were integral to the development of my success and confidence. On reflection, let it be said that this blogger has often wondered what became of those first few? At least two announced that due to an “increased workload” their blogging commitments would become more infrequent i.e. after a few months, they were never seen or read again…

There have been some very popular, very successful Followers who abruptly vanished – they occasionally occupy my thoughts during quiet moments… where are they now? Hope they are alright… 


“I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft. We have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping” – Jim Morrison. 

This term: Follower implies someone who regularly peruses a site. There are only a dozen of u who do Like and/or Comment on such a regular basis (and very much appreciated it is too!).

However, curiously, people click Follow: my Stats inform me when they started to Follow, but they never Like/Comment on individual Posts, so there is no way of knowing how they are Following, if at all…

Of all the Views per post, approx. half show their appreciation by clicking a relevant button but what of that other 50% not moved to click Like? This partly implies that they are – perish the thought – less than impressed. Yet without their input – constructive criticism preferred, please – how is one to know where one is going wrong? 

Trolls, regrettably, have become the bane of modern media. Thankfully, Bradscribe has not received any hate-mail during these last three years but if there is any shallow-minded nerk out there who reckons this site SUCKS, then Brad will demand to know WHY!

Incidentally, 70% of my Spam comments are in Portuguese – pretty certain that it’s advertising and not antipathy. Obrigado, but no obrigado…

“The cerebral cortex, where matter is transformed into consciousness, is the point of embarkation for all our cosmic voyages” – Carl Sagan. 

Our cerebral cortex is the great regulator of our conscious lives – and creativity. It is what makes our species distinctive – hey! no cortex = no civilization, baby… 

Upon this great electric grid, what won me the attention of two hundred wonderful people – the inception and implementation of ideas (arguably the foundations from which all science fiction comes to fruition) are neurons: microscopic electrochemical switching elements swirling around our brains “as if the Milky Way entered upon some cosmic dance.” 

The neurochemistry of the brain is staggering – the circuitry of our natural, inbuilt computer is far more complex therefore more beautiful – than anything built by humankind. There are two hemispheres in our World of Thought: the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex presides over rational, analytical and critical thinking; while the right hemisphere is – the right side! – the more groovy hemisphere wherein lies pattern recognition (lovely), intuition (hmm…), sensitivity (awww!) and creativity (yeah! come on in! or out), but both are essential – for together they conceive ideas and test their validity.

Behold: the basis of human thinking. Our yearning for learning is the tool for our survival. Sure, emotions and ritual behaviour are part of humanity too, but inherent in other animal species too. What distinguishes our species is Thought – but it would be really awesome if we could enjoy more rational thinking and less actions driven by emotions, thank you very much…

Data content in the human brain consists of only a hundred trillion neurons; if written out it would fill twenty million books (what could possibly be the equivalent no. of blogs?!)

Whoa, twenty million books in your head! Imagine that…

My dear Followers – and those considering Following – on this site, Brad strives to deliver an eclectic mix of books, movies, comics, art and science in his personal voyage through the worlds of science fiction – often witty, sometimes weird, forever wonderful.

Now isn’t THAT a fantastic thought? 

If this is not worth Following, what is…? 

“He who thinks he leads, but has no Followers, is only taking a walk” – John C. Maxwell. 




Could not go without reserving a few words for one of the reserved members of the Bradscribe Hall of Fame:

Bill Paxton

who has died, at 61, of “complications following surgery.”

Such a sad and untimely passing for a True Great of SF Cinema.

Yes, Obituaries this past day have oft-mentioned Twister and Titanic, but consider what he went through to give us some memorable gems: getting stuck in outer space with Tom Hanks and The Bacon; confronting Mighty Joe Young; berating Officer Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow; and he’s the only reason to catch tropical-island horror-comedy: Club Dread.

More importantly, though, the lines he had during his career were so quotable that the majority of Bradscribe’s quotes can be attributed to characters brought to life by Bill Paxton.

Moreover, Bill (the Galactic Hero) is the only – ONLY! – actor to have had characters killed off by the Terminator, Aliens AND the Predator!

All our thoughts…


36 thoughts on “The Neuromantics: 200 Followers Now!

      • Yes, that is shocking! I hope you’ll remedy that soon. 🙂
        I think we do the same things, blogging our loves and blogging in our own voices — as you pointed out. It seems that in general, my shorter and non-series posts are read more.
        Hope you’re having a lovely cake-filled day. 🙂

      • How do u handle th fame?
        Some blessed soul has put graffiti on th back of one supermarket in town: it reads BRAD; a young art student sitting opp me on th train did a sketch of me – what more can i expect?!
        Thank u – just treated meself to a blueberry muffin wiv me mocha
        Hope you’re having a lovely cake-filled day too!

      • Haha, perhaps more of the same types of tributes? Maybe gifts of cake appearing at your doorstep or left at.your favorite cafe.
        That sounds like a delicious combination!

    • Thanks, Rob!!
      Not only is English spam lame some of it is unintelligible
      Not to worry, concentrate on AWESOME writing, which reminds me: must head round to your site – I’ve fallen behind w my reading again!
      Thank u for your Comment

      • I agree, the English is more unintelligible. They should just stick to their first language. More enjoyable and respectable. Your welcome on the comment…I need to come out of my she’ll and comment more. Also thank you in return for the support 😆

    • Thanks for your Comment, Nancy!
      It’s strange how sometimes w can get more Likes than Views and Likes/Comments that never show up in our Stats at all!
      Never mind, keep up th good work!

  1. Congrats, I’m proud to be one of those followers! 🙂 I too wonder sometimes about bloggers I used to follow but who have stopped posting; hope all is well with them, I miss their insights! I also appreciated your note about Bill Paxton; a truly great character actor. I will miss seeing him in movies and TV. 😦

    • Thanks, Ash!
      Yes, I wld not b here without u, or those who have disappeared
      I don’t want to write Obituaries any more, but a small note for poor Bill had to be made
      Bless u

  2. Congratulations! Very proud to be one of those followers! 🙂 As for Portuguese spam, well that’s a new one, never had that. Keep up the great work, you blog is awesome!

    • Taken long enough, but really th numbers don’t mean as much as individual input/feedback – there should b far more Michael J Millers in this world!

      • Aww, thanks. But I get what you said above. The follower count is exciting and rewarding in their own way but the best part is meeting people who share your interests with and you can engage in great comment sections discussions with! There’s a magic to those authentic connections. The fostering-real-relationships is a wonderful part of blogging.

      • Hear hear!
        What happened to all those people who only clicked Follow and were never seen/heard again?
        This interaction is th part I dig th most, dude!

    • What baffles me is going to 1 of those early Followers only to find that WordPress has taken down their site – and yet they still count as Followers?!
      Thanks for your Comment!

      • Yes, I did an exercise a few years ago and quite a large percentage of early followers and even recent followers weren’t active on WordPress any more. I suppose those who subscribe by email are different but they only make up a tiny fraction of my blog followers.

  3. Congrats on the followers! : ) I’ve noticed that a big percentage of bloggers who were active when I started have either quit completely or barely blog at all now due to life commitments. It’s very dead on WordPress (for me, at least) compared to a couple years ago. I’m one of the ones who has had to cut way back on blogging due to life commitments too and I’ve not had time to read any blogs, which I can only do through my phone’s app, at all this year. I do miss it. My occasional posts now are hastily thrown together at lunchtimes during work (not that my posts have ever been that good, even when I did have more free time! Lol). 😉 But I enjoy my little “movie diary” so I’ll probably keep it up a bit longer. Keep up the good work! 🙂 People do come & go a lot around here but new ones do still come along. And I love when ones who’ve disappeared do make an occasional appearance. And… R.I.P. Bill Paxton. Still sad about that. 😦

    • Yes, whatever has happened to those earlier bloggers, th Followers total remains th same – bizarre!
      Time is precious, so I am extra grateful that u can make th time to make it over here every time!
      Had to say something about Bill, tho I don’t want to write too many Obituaries these days
      Thank u for your support

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