The Bradscribe Beach Party!

If Life Is A Journey, Then The Beach Should Be Our Destination… 


“She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing to flamenco guitar” ― Janet Fitch: “White Oleander.”

It may be bucketing down with rain outside, but in this sector of the blogosphere, the suns – yes, both of them – are blazing; the sand is as smooth as fudge and the sea is a snazzy shade of turquoise. 

Yay, and its hot, and pleasantly so – the way we dig it round here. 

Besides, after one helluva hectic week, sitting on a secluded beach somewhere is all one is capable of doing this weekend… 

Whoa, what a week!

On Monday, revived a post that has been lying dormant on my Dashboard for far too long – still couldn’t get anywhere with it!

Another two ideas will (hopefully) be developed for a couple of news/enterainment websites – so nothing here until something proceeds over there, you see.

Was working on a Post about SF villains and how to create really superbad ones, but…

You know what? 

Deluged with SO MANY hate crimes and despicable acts across international news, it seems that society at large is all-too-capable of producing its own repugnant brand of villainy and in bewildering copious amounts as well…

Perhaps having no time to relax or having no access to any beach is a factor in all this…?

Rather than waste my precious MB Space by droning on philosophically regarding how far we have lost our way, etc., it’s best to just:


And blog only about the good stuff.

After all, life is too short to get distraught… 

So, why not party? Grab a bikini (you’re welcome to borrow one of mine if ya like), fill a plate with some tasty gubbins from the beautiful, bulging buffet bar, head on down to the water’s edge and flop out on one of the official Bradscribe Sunbeds. 

Earlier this week, Nancy over @ Graphic Novelty nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award – aha! Another reason to party!

How very kind, but you needn’t have worried – your invitation to this Beach Party was already assured well in advance!



“People see me and they squeal like tropical birds or seals stranded on the beach” – Carrie Fisher. 

So, apart from soaking up the rays, what is Brad getting up to these days?

Following the success of last week’s Post (many thanks for helping to QUADRUPLE my Stats! V much appreciated!) there has been research into the origins of both classic and cult comic book characters.

Hunting for vintage comics has been a thing-to-do at the back of my mind for some time, and on this extended stay in the UK, the opportunity to get on and do that very thing has come up!

So far, have managed to discover some classic titles that escaped my attention the first time around; not just from (my) Golden Age of 1979-1982, but some amazing titles from the ’70s have been tracked down.

You will get to see how my comics collection has expanded this Summer in write-ups here in due course!


“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when it is quite clearly Ocean” – Arthur C. Clarke. 

Hey, there needs to be more beach parties in the blogosphere! 

But really…

There really needs to be more science fiction set on the beach –any beach. 

Is it just me or have we had too many dystopian SF flicks set in inner cities? Sure, 75% of us are going to be living (and working, if we’re lucky!) in cities by 2050; pretty sure the percentage of citizens craving escape to the beach will be much higher…

And we need to unwind after a somewhat underwhelming Summer at the box office.

Don’t forget the BEACH is the Best Escape Anyone Could Have…

Never fear, for something intriguing is always near!


This has just come to my attention today – with a striking poster campaign a forthcoming SF movie: Arrival reportedly offers a “unique spin” on the alien invasion movie.

Based on the Ted Chiang short: “Story Of Your Life,” Amy Adams plays an expert linguist recruited to find out what a newly-arrived alien fleet want from us. Also starring Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker, it comes out in early November, and – along with Chris Pratt’s Passengers (released in December) – will hopefully revive this year’s weak choice of big movies to get excited about.

Until then…

Where else, in this bloomin’ marvelous pulsating blogosphere, can you just sit back with a good drink in your hand?

And R E L A X…

Yay, you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING on this site.

Oh, and don’t you worry about me, sitting at the back, trying frantically to prise niggling grains of  sand out from between me toes…



Don’t forget your sun cream…

11 thoughts on “The Bradscribe Beach Party!

  1. As coincidence would have it, I recently attended Wizard World Comic Con and Carrie Fisher was there autographing and a booth was selling these beach pics of her to be autographed. However, I admired from afar and did not get in the LONG autograph line.

    • Wow, lucky u!
      If I met Carrie Fisher, I wldn’t bother w autographs – I’d just give her a big hug and thank her for evrything. She’s my favourite Princess-cum-general.
      Pls help yourself to more nachos!

    • Thanks for your Comment, Anna!
      Glad u cld come over and have some fun in th sun, albeit online only!
      Yes, Winter Down Under, and to think Santa goes surfin’ cos th beach is too hot! Strewth! Was in Sydney/Melbourne/th outback in Dec 2000, so I know firsthand how hot it gets there!

  2. Man, a beach party would be great right now! It’s a cloudy, dreary today in Kansas, USA, with rain on the way, but thinking of the beach brought a smile to my face. I’m really looking forward to that beach battle in Star Wars: Rogue One!

      And, just like th others, it’s really special!
      Meant to mention th beach battle from Rogue One, but then I thot, everyone’s so blissed out down here, why spoil th atmosphere?
      Pls, help yourself to some nachos!
      And a new barrel of lemonade’s just arrived…

      • And your 101st Comment is just as good – always brighten up my day, as well – many thanks!
        More comics, more fiction, (more mayhem?!) hurtling thro th galaxy (via Kansas) – u can’t miss it!

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