KARNAK: The Most Awesome New Comic Book You Will See All Year!

Everything Has It’s Weakness, Even The Bonds Of Death. To Him, Weakness Is A Weapon.

He Sees It And Exploits It.

He Is…

Magister Karnak.


Magister is apparently the Inhuman name for high priest or top philosopher guy or something. And he registers smiling as an insult. Follow my lead…” – Agent Phil Coulson. 

Just when my comic book buying days seemed to be well and truly behind me… 

For the first time in twenty years, all that changed last week. 

And what title was so unputdownable, that it just had to be taken home with me?

While searching for images of suitably moody and/or mysterious hooded figures to illustrate my fiction blog, these illos of such a figure, but with curious green stripes across his face grabbed my attention. This character – going by the moniker of “Karnak” proved immediately striking.

Marvel’s Premier issue of Karnak came out in December. To say that this character has received a MAJOR overhaul since making his debut in Fantastic Four #45 in 1965 would be the understatement of the century.

Just to illustrate what a radical redesign this character has been given, look at this panel from the original Inhumans comic, featuring a cameo from a green guy who needs no introduction:


And then check out this panel from the new Karnak series.

Wow: such a brutal bunny.

Talk about putting the graphic into graphic art…


“I think he just smiled then. What does that mean?” – Agent Simmons.  

Ironically, here’s me, attempting to branch out to comic book writing and along – seemingly outta nowhere – comes this jaw-dropping title with blitzing art by Gerardo Zaffino, which is more powerful and more visually striking than any engaging written script!

Who the blazes is this guy?!

Essentially, Karnak is a member of the Inhumans – yes, the same Inhumans whose promised movie has been delayed to accommodate yet another Spidey-flick. 

Hard to believe he was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby way back in 1965. This 2015 manifestation, on the other hand, is a warrior-monk with little time – or patience – for the petty problems of humans.

His extraordinary power – channeling an incomprehensible telekinetic energy which, just by pointing or swiping his fingers, can shatter bones and burst internal organs – surely makes Karnak one of the deadliest characters in the Marvel Comics pantheon. 

The fourth issue of Karnak should be in all good bookshops by now.

…And it oughtta be in my collection pretty darn soon.



“…He’s got no qualms of doing anything to get the job done. As long as he can do it by being a badass… Karnak can see the flaw in everything. That includes bullets, so he can slice them in half with a single swipe” – James Whitbrook. 

Just when it seemed that all the major ideas and stories had been done, so here is Karnak to demonstrate – in the most devastatingly cool fashion imaginable – the jaw-dropping wonders that can be achieved through the innovative-as-ever medium of comics.

Be warned: this title is NOT for kids… 

In this first issue, he tracks down a double agent in S.H.I.E.L.D. Ha ha! No, not Steve Rogers!

But it is difficult to see how the Cap could be a match for Karnak of the Inhumans, Magister of the Tower of Wisdom…

As hooded figures are my favourites, they don’t come much cooler than this fella. 

For a taste of what you can expect, take a butcher’s (and a deep breath) at the page below:


Totally radical, man.

This Post will leave you with – quite simply – the most awesome single page you will ever see this year… or any year for that matter.

DARE YOU to present to me any other comic book thrill-power MORE gob-smacking, MORE outrageously exciting than this published now!



“Friends, I must again leave you for a while, to engage the human world and secure our own future. While I am gone… remember to clean the latrines” – Karnak. 


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