Captain America: Civil War: The Bradscribe Review

Hey, You Wanna See Something Cool?  


“Wow, it’s so weird how you run into people at the airport. Don’t you think that’s weird?” – Iron Man.


“Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth” – Tony Stark.

Ever since Tony insisted that everything special about the Cap “came out of a bottle” (during that infamous spat in the first Avengers movie), it seemed inevitable that these two really would put on their suits and go a few rounds. 

It takes the pressing matter of the Sokovia Accords – a UN-agreed charter devised to hold all enhanced individuals accountable for their actions, especially in heavily built-up areas anywhere around the world – to finally open up their differences, question their objectives and split their team allegiances.

The first two Captain America movies were extremely enjoyable, a couple of the MCU’s finest, IMO, with Captain America: The Winter Soldier as runaway contender for the most sleek and sophisticated comic book movie EVER produced. So expectations for this outing seemed too dangerous to run up too high.

Never fear. 

Captain America: Civil War, happily, almost miraculously, delivers on all accounts.

It’s amazing to see Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr): the resident rogue become a dour conformist, and Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans): the soldier expected to do things by the book decide to defy this hefty tome.   

It has to be said that right from the beginning – that thrilling action set-piece in Lagos – to its dramatic denouement, there is hardly a dull moment in this movie. Evans and Downey Jr are exceptional as the main characters. Aww, what the heck, in such a bulging ensemble pic, nobody puts a foot (or a fist!) wrong.  

Special mention must go to Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who have once again crafted an amazing screenplay. And, of course, Joe and Anthony Russo have succeeded – almost effortlessly – in directing another gripping instalment in the saga of Steve Rogers: America’s first Avenger. 

“They’re not stopping!”

“Neither are we.”



“A pinch of paprika… a pinch?” – The Vision. 

The Vision in a V-neck. 

Of all Civil War’s pre-release promotional images, that is the one that grabbed my attention the most. (It harks back to his dapper moments in the original Avengers comics). Vision has always been my fave Avenger (as you can see here) so, not surprisingly, news of his participation in this movie was closely – if a tad apprehensively – followed.

What a relief: Paul Bettany’s performance and the portrayal of this synthozoid here, is faithful to how this extraordinary character was depicted in the comics.

One question though: just how deep into the Earth’s core does Wanda actually fire him?!  

Naturally, everyone is gushing over that MAIN EVENT at the airport. When you all compile your Top 10 Best MCU fights, will the fact that it is practically ALL digitally animated affect its eventual place? There are one or two moments that give the artificiality away, but the sequence contains some of the most enjoyable – onscreen comic book action you are ever likely to see.

And it even got this ol’ CGI-phobe to marvel (geddit?!) at its technical wizardry. 

Equally stunning is Tony’s introductory scene: with his parents in 1991 via Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing (BARF – yeah, Tony, you’re really gonna have to work on that acronym, fella). The FX department really put the Jr into Robert Downey Jr! 

“Be nice, dear, he’s been studying abroad.” 

Really? Which broad? What’s her name?” 


“Can you move your seat up?” – Bucky Barnes.  

Having ignored the intense (like, INTENSE!) brouhaha over the over-used Spider-Man and prepared to tolerate it when it came, Tom Holland’s contribution is actually kinda cool, and not nearly as annoying as it might have seemed.

If our (packed) audience reaction is a reliable indicator, then the scene with Tony Stark spouting about retro-tech and onesies in Peter Parker’s bedroom is easily the movie’s most hilarious. Interestingly, this is Tony at his traditionally wise-cracking best – how we would usually expect to see him.

Holland plays the awkward-teen-cliche rather well, but he still hasn’t engaged my enthusiasm for yet another Spider-Man movie. 

But please, spare us the Empire Strikes Back nod. The MCU is a fabulous arena in itself, so doesn’t need to borrow from other great franchises, thanks.

“Really old” movie, huh? Cheeky youngling…  

STAY DOWN, kid, or Brad will call your Aunt May!

Hey! It’s Marisa Tomei! So gonna call her anyway…


“…And now, because your friend murdered my father, I also wear the mantle of king. So I ask you, as both warrior and king, how long do you think you can save your friend from me?” – T’Challa.  

“So you like cats?” 

Well, we sure do in this neck of the MCU. Chadwick Boseman puts in a sterling debut as Wakanda’s own superhero. As both charismatic T’Challa, and suited up as the mysterious Black Panther, he is a welcome addition to the MCU. This bodes well for the Black Panther movie (due in early 2018); if the producers can find writers of Civil War’s calibre, then we should be in for an awesome treat.

Such a shame that a certain juvenile arachnid gets all the attention…

Hey, let’s not forget the GIANT contribution that Ant-Man – another of my all-time faves – puts in. From his startled appearance (in the back of a van) to his toppled finale (on his back!) the Tiniest Avenger won the crowd. Having had reservations concerning the casting of Paul Rudd last year, here his comedic input provides welcome relief amidst the politics and heavy clash of ideologies dominating these proceedings.

“Way to go, Tic-Tac!”

Perhaps the one major gripe about this movie concerns the catalyst for all this infighting himself. Daniel Bruhl as Zemo should have been a threatening – maybe even creepy – villain, but ultimately comes across as quite lacklustre. Where is Mads Mikkelsen when you need him?!

For those hankering for a genuine comic book villain, Crossbones proved to be supercool as well as superbad, but then of course his all-too-early demise (and its inadvertent consequences) is what triggered the Accords in the first place.

Yes! This is a superior Marvel package with some great ingredients: the Falcon, Bucky and the Cap all squeezed into a battered old Volkswagen Beetle (“low profile” – ha!); an amusing Stan Lee cameo; even cooking with Vision and Wanda!


“You remember that time we had to ride back from Rockaway Beach in the back of that freezer truck?”

“Was that the time you used our train money to buy hotdogs?”

“You blew three bucks trying to win that stuffed bear for a redhead.”

“What was her name again?”

“Dolores. You called her Dot.”

“She’s gotta be a hundred years old right now…”

“So are we, pal.”

With so many familiar – and new – character appearances, this feels like an Avengers movie, but in my book, you just can’t have an Avengers movie devoid of Thor! 

No, the attention centres on the Cap, and his ol’ buddy from Brooklyn: James “Bucky” Barnes. It’s the interaction between these two pals thrown out of time – especially this touching, personal moment (above) – which, for me, makes this extravaganza soar into Instant Classic status.

This superior mass enhanced individual assault on the senses marks a fantastic introduction to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

And has got me super-psyched for MORE!

Praising Captain America: Civil War: Brad could do this all day. 

Hey, heads up, DC/Warner: THIS is how you make an AWESOME and ENJOYABLE blockbuster!







You have a metal arm? That is awesome, dude!” – Spider-Man. 

24 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War: The Bradscribe Review

  1. Civil War was just about perfect. Certainly an incredible film and Marvel has yet again produced another smash hit. I consider this to be their second best film of all time behind the Avengers and the 4th best Live Action Superhero film out there. My only little gripe was that Spider-Man’s power level was a little inconsistent. He was strong enough to easily catch Winter Soldier’s punch and joke about it (Cap tried to block his punch with both arms to no avail) and yet Cap was wrecking him when they fought later on. As a big Spider-Man fan I didn’t agree with that, but it’s more of a nitpick than a negative as it wouldn’t hurt the overall score for me.

    • Thank u for your Comment, dreager1!
      Yes, solid entertainment – that’s what u can get from th MCU.
      Th Avengers is a good fave to have; it’s certainly in my Top 5.
      About th power-levels, I presumed Spidey burned himself out – he hurled himself more around just that airport more than Tobey McGuire did throughout his trilogy!
      As a Spider-fan yourself, hope u’re excited about the upcoming Spider-Man film and it meets your expectations!

  2. Enjoyed the quotes as I was reading! I’ve never been a fan of the Captain America films, always found the plots weak and boring, but with the addition of a number of familiar faces placed into the mix, I think I might actually watch Civil War…. Eventually!

    • Thank u for your Comment, 321 Girl!
      Wow, never found th Cap films “weak and boring”! I thot that only applied to th last 2 Iron Man movies!
      Civil War comes highly recommended, so I look forward to reading your views…whenever they appear!

  3. Fantastic post! I was a big fan of this one, and I actually got a chance to see it again yesterday. It didn’t disappoint on second viewing! There definitely are a lot of characters, but they are all managed well. Everyone had just the right amount of screen time, and it still felt personal, even with all the action. Ant-Man and Black Panther were great, looking forward to Ant-Man’s next solo outing and Black Panther’s first. Although I’ll be sad when Robert Downey Jr. eventually retires, the Marvel universe is in great hands.

    • Way to go, Marvel Girl!
      Just th right amount of screen time: still think Spidey got too much, but that’s just me.
      Of course, I shld have mentioned Sebastian Stan: both his character and his performance is what helps drive this movie.
      Can’t help thinking: where is Thor? What side wld HE have chosen?!
      Black Panther & Ant-Man and Wasp are must movies, but th head honchos say we’ve got to get that Spidey movie 1st! “We surrender our right to choose” Bah!

      • I’m not sure what side Thor, or the Hulk, would fall on. I think Hulk would definitely be hesitant to sign, and Thor would probably wonder why he has to sign an Earth document anyway. 😉

      • I’d like to think that Thor – as a non-Terran – wld b in th middle, as th negotiator!
        Workin on more MCU-related stuff, cos I am – as u say – “riding th buzz”!

  4. Great review! Captain America Civil war was brilliant, about as perfect as Marvel has ever got. This one is up there with Avenger s Assemble IMOP. I’ve enjoyed All the Captain America films, and civil war is my favourite of all 🙂

    • Thanks for your Comment, Paul!
      Civil War – despite its serious clash of ideologies – is still tremendous fun!
      Yes, this Cap America trilogy is superb, and this 1 is up there w th 1st Avengers certainly, but (for me), Th Winter Soldier still packs th mightiest punch!

      • Your welcome. Civil War had somewhat darker themes than normal for a Marvel film, but it had fun moments to balance it out. Unlike say, Batman V Superman, where the conflict felt a bit contrived. Civil war also did a great job of paving the way for more films and a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

      • Thanks again.
        Apart from th scenes w Zemo, th pace never lets up. Th trouble w BS is that being too slow and dour, it was turgid and boring to sit thro.
        I look forward to th Black Panther movie, but will not bother w another Spider-Man outing; apart from that everything is great about th MCU @ th mo

      • Yes, the Zemo bits were a bit off, but overall Civil war was brilliant. I agree, BvS was too long, if they’d cut 20 mins out it might’ve had a tighter more concise narrative. Snyder dose see to wring all the fun and the colors out of his films doesn’t he? Excited for Black Panther, will still prob go see the new Spidey film as well. Following your blog now, cheers for the chat, look forward to more reviews 🙂

      • Agreed, not only cut th BS, but get a decent script editor: felt like there were 4 movies trying to fight for attention!
        Have u posted a review for Civil War? Can’t find it.
        Yes, thanks for th chat.
        My X:Men: Apocalypse Review will b up in th next few days!

    • Thank u v much for this, Michael.
      It has been quite a few months since I last won a Liebster.
      Wordpress failed to notify me about this Comment, that’s why th delay in replying.
      I will certainly study your questions and answer them in an upcoming Post
      Again, many thanks for thinking about my hi quality stuff!

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