Apocalypse Wow!: Will This Be The Most Awesome X-Men Movie Ever?

Prepare For The Apocalypse. Only The Strong Will Survive.


“I’ve been called many things over many lifetimes: Ra, Krishna, Yahweh. I was there to spark and fan the flame of man’s awakening, to spin the wheel of civilization” – Apocalypse.

Apocalpse is a-comin’! Are you ready? 

As blockbusters go, this blogger could not be more excited. 

For the past two years, this movie has had a reserved place at the back of my mind. This week, this Post would have run with a completely different topic, but ever since last week’s well-received (yay, thanks everyone!) concoction, my thoughts are still running with all-things-Marvel and – crucially – the latest Trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse was released today!

This has been shaping up to be the blockbuster that should set awesome new heights for the comic book blockbuster. Blessed with an exceptional team of actors, with a master director: Bryan Singer at the helm, another impressive script from Simon Kinberg and Singer; not to mention boasting one of the most formidable comic book villains of all time, this promises to be a fitting finale to what has been an extraordinary X-Men Origins trilogy. 


Moira McTaggart: “Wherever this being was, he would always have four followers who he would imbue with power.


Alex Summers: “Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He got that one from the Bible.” 


Moira McTaggart: “Or the Bible got it from him…”

Ever since witnessing that astonishing post-credits scene from X-Men: Day Of Future Past,  the character of Apocalypse has intrigued me.

The synopsis sounds irresistible: 

Worshiped as a god since the dawn of civilization, En Sabah Nur – the first and most powerful mutant in history – has emerged (in 1983): “after thousands of years, disillusioned with the world as he finds it and recruits a team of powerful mutants, including a disheartened Magneto, to cleanse mankind and create a new world order, over which he will reign.” 

Naturally it is up to Prof Xavier’s team to stand against him.

At some point during the mid-80s, my access to X-Men comics was lost, for reasons that not even Cerebro can unlock. Hmm, how can the term: ‘X-Men fan’ be applied to me when my knowledge of a badass like Apocalypse is woefully lacking?! 

Never mind: back on the windy, rainswept streets of the UK, bookshops, comic book stores and even libraries have been frequented to catch all the mutant-lit my grubby paws can grab! There is still two months to go back through the X-Universe, swot up on background details… and become reacquainted with one of the most inspirational comic titles ever published, before this guaranteed masterpiece hits big screens worldwide.

Interestingly, this forthcoming distraction was initially set to be titled: X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, but – presumably to avoid confusion with Avengers: Age of Ultron – it was renamed. 

Besides, the producers felt that X-Men: Apocalypse strikes a more ominous tone…

Apocalypse (1)


“He looked fantastic. Also, the name is dynamic. It tells you right off this character means trouble… His philosophy… fit in with the harder edge of evolution which is part and parcel of the mutant story. Isn’t that what humans fear about mutants? That they are the next step?” – Bob Harras.

The immortal mutant known in ancient times as En Sabah Nur made his debut in X-Factor #5 (May 1986).

That story-line hinted that a mysterious supervillain was behind the then adversaries: the Alliance of Evil. Originally intended to be someone else, editor Bob Harras felt the time was right to introduce a monumental new character – a “Magneto-level villain who would up the stakes.”  

Writer Louise Simonson duly obliged, and Apocalypse made his first dramatic first appearance on the end page of that fifth issue. Not surprisingly, the sixth issue turned out to be something of a revelation. This big, bad, blue-skinned mutant became an instant hit. Since then he has gone on to make several reappearances in the main title and in other limited series and spin-offs.

It was not a difficult decision for Bryan Singer to make Apocalypse the main antagonist of his latest foray into the X-saga. “It deals with ancient mutantism, the origins of the mutant state; or the origin of gods and religion,” he explained. “There’s a mixture of ancient religion and cultism in the character of Apocalypse.”


“He doesn’t distinguish between mutants and humans like the other villains do. To him it’s all just one giant screwed-up world that worships false idols. He is the God of the Old Testament: if there isn’t the order and worship then I’ll open up the Earth and swallow you whole!” – Simon Kinberg.  

Exactly thirty years after his inception, Apocalypse looks set to conquer the box office. Offering fresh new faces as familiar characters such as Scott, Jean and Ororo, first appearances for Pylocke, Jubilee, (and Dazzler?!); Fassbender and (at last! A bald) McAvoy excel yet agin as Erik and Charles; an interesting new look for my fave mutant: Nightcrawler; Oscar Isaac as the titular villain (come on!); the return of Quicksilver (and the absence – perhaps mercifully – of Wolverine).

In the meantime, you can catch the latest slice of mutant awesomeness unleashed today right here: 

Of course, just when you think all that needed to be geeked here had been covered, yet further awesome pics surfaced. 

Apocalypse teaches his X-opponents a lesson…  




Everything they built will fall (on 27 May) – can’t wait! 


2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Wow!: Will This Be The Most Awesome X-Men Movie Ever?

  1. I’m also super excited for this. 🙂 I’ve loved the X-Men prequel trilogy, and X-Men: First Class is actually my favorite X-Men film. Days of Future Past was great also. This new film looks even bigger (and darker).

    • Yep, super-excited all th way! Was going to hold out this Post for another month, but then this new trailer hit and knew I had to hit back!
      Yes, bigger and darker are great elements for any movie.
      Th 1st 2 films in this series were great, and in th ever-capable hands of Bryan Singer I will expect nothing less!
      So thrilled to have so many of my fave characters in this movie! Can’t wait!

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