Batshit Crazy: What A Week In The DC Extended Universe!

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In The DC Pipeline. 

THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS?: "We want Justice, an' we wan' it now!"
THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS?: “We want Justice, an’ we wan’ it now!”

“That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel” -Alfred Pennyworth.  

Most of you who frequent this site will have noticed that Brad has been a huge comics fan, and continues to be an avid follower of comic book movies. Overjoyed at the recent thrilling developments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it almost seemed like sheer folly for DC Comics to weigh in with their own equally immense big screen projects.

While Marvel reigns supreme at the box office, DC would seem to be quite content to have their Arrow and Flash (and the imminent Legends of Tomorrow) shows dominate TV ratings. Yet as Chris Nolan’s outstanding Dark Knight trilogy showed, DC Films are prepared to put up one helluva fight. 

Yes, there is a part of me yearning to find out how DC will show off their Extended Universe. After all, despite my “Make Mine Marvel” chants, rummage through my comic collection atop my wardrobe/TARDIS and you will discover that a decent 65% of them are DC titles (dating between 1980-1993 for those of you taking notes).

This week, we finally got tasters as to what DC/Warner endeavour to unleash. Last Tuesday night, a TV special: DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League on The CW showcased some of DC’s current movie developments, including an exclusive trailer for August’s Suicide Squad, plus new footage of next summer’s Wonder Woman movie.

Tell me: do you geek? You will… 

FISH AN' QUIPS: "Oh water day! Water lovely day! (Now you're just being silly...)
FISH AN’ QUIPS: “Oh water day! Water lovely day! (Now you’re just being silly…)

“The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world: Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!” – Lex Luthor.  

Ta-da! First up is Batffleck vs. Superhenry: Clash Of The Capes. Sorry, but seriously, Dawn of Justice just looks like such a perilous venture. Placing DC’s two most box-office-friendly heroes in the same blockbuster has all the hallmarks of safe bet – even desperation – written all over it. 

Show some guts, DC!

If Marvel Studios can gamble with such risky, obscure material as Guardians Of The Galaxy, then surely you can give Matter-Eater Lad his own big screen adventure at last! Can’t you…? 

From what we can gather so far, Dawn of Justice looks too dark and too bleak… please, the last time this “style” was done we were lumbered with Fantastic frickin’ Four – and see how badly that pap turned out!

The news that Ben Affleck had been chosen to play the Caped Crusader didn’t trouble me at all, although plenty of diehard fans predictably vented their spleen over the matter. What is really disconcerting is the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. An evil mastermind?! Ha, our cat looks more menacing than him. Unable to work out what the casting director saw in such an inexplicable choice…

Rather than paste the same old Bat-pics, here (above) is Jason Momoa, simply stunning as The Dothraki Waterboy Aquaman, who hopefully – for me – will help make Dawn of Justice a more intriguing spectacle – he’s easily its second-best aspect. 

The top attraction, of course, being the – long-awaited! Let’s not let that lie!! – big screen debut of Wonder Woman, which should make this outing more worth our while.

Just for you, here’s the trailer:

IN SQUAD WE TRUST?: A bunch of cool cats. And Will Smith. Hey! Who's that reptilian dude on the right? Possibly my fave Squad member already...
IN SQUAD WE TRUST?: A bunch of cool cats. And Will Smith. Hey! Who’s that reptilian dude on the right? Possibly my fave Squad member already…
DADDY'S LIL MONSTER?: My Daddy warned me about lil monsters like you, lov...
DADDY’S LIL MONSTER?: My Daddy warned me about lil monsters like you, lov…

“Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?” – Rick Flagg.  

If DC’s behemoth in March does regrettably turn out to be the “Yawn of Justice,” then how about Suicide Squad?

When news of a Suicide Squad movie broke, my inner geek – whatever that is – shouted yippee!… until realising yours truly had been thinking of Doom Patrol, a totally different – and a whole lot weirder – ensemble brought to us once upon a time by the exceptionally talented Grant Morrison. 

The general consensus is that this trailer is outstanding, but being subjected to this concept, and these characters, for the first time, awash with grungy style and zero substance, it fails to amaze me… yet. Nice use of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody though. 

Jared Leto’s Joker – notice how Joker-free the pics department is here – seems to be just as misguided a casting choice as Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. Trying to follow in the (purple) wake of Heath Ledger’s arguably definitive portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime is either brave or foolish. 

Suicide Squad appears clearly aimed at the teenage boys Sucker Punch market, apparently, blatantly, disregarding the ever-growing number of female comic readers out there.

Worst? Heroes. Ever? Yep, can’t argue with that… 

All in all, a Doom Patrol movie – would have been preferable… 

AMAZON STORIES: The Wonder of you...
AMAZON STORIES: The Wonder of you…

“The greatest thing about Wonder Woman is how good and kind and loving she is, yet none of that negates any of her power” – Patty Jenkins. 

So, if Dawn of Justice feels bad, and Suicide Squad looks, well, ugly, was there anything good to come from DC this week?

Well, yes, just the most iconic superheroine of all time! 

Arguably the most intriguing news from the DC Extended Universe’s trawl of exclusive thrill-power was the first footage from the star n’ striped Amazon in her own solo movie, set for release in June 2017.

When the first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in her patriotic… chocolate-brown(?!) combo first adorned the worldwide web, my heart sank. Honestly, she looked like a Xena: Warrior Pincess cosplayer. And a third-rate Xena: Warrior Princess cosplayer at that.

My initial hopes for the movie were not high, but when this pic (below) was released a few months ago, the project starting to look quite intriguing. Then this actual footage was shown last Tuesday, and the movie now looks far more encouraging. It revealed Wonder Woman’s dexterity with a sword in typical 300-style slo-mo action; the Amazon riding on horseback; and – most interestingly – in her guise as Diana Prince, but during the First World War, and not the Second as traditionally told in the original comics.

Of course it’s still too early, but with this project at least, it looks as though DC/Warner finally know what they’re doing. 


Superman: “Is she with you?”

Batman: “I thought she was with you.”


14 thoughts on “Batshit Crazy: What A Week In The DC Extended Universe!

  1. Hey there my friend, interesting to see you do a piece on my fave comic behemoth. I think we shall agree to disagree on Bats v Supes as I think it looks like a complete and utter winner of a movie, I love anything and everything Z.Snyder! And you don’t like Leto as the Joker!? he will be the ultimate version, mark my words good sir 🙂 ripped straight out of the comics and a perfect conversion of Grant Morrisons recent Clown Prince Of Crime. That Suicide Squad trailer was marvellous though, best trailer for a comic movie I have ever seen. Wonder Woman footage was also fan(bloody)tastic… can’t wait. I am going to be in DC heaven this year good sir. Have a great day. 🙂

    • Thanks, as always, Bruce!
      Good to have something awesome to read for a change, yeah? None of that Star Wars rubbish, eh?!
      Was going to do a Marvel Preview, but thot I’d keep my No 1 Follower happy 1st! 😉
      Is there anything about th DC Extended Universe u’re NOT happy w? Wldn’t have thot so!
      Re: The Joker – surely it doesn’t get more ultimate than Ledger? V much doubt that I will see a more thrilling Batmovie than The Dark Knight.
      Th choice of music was by far th best aspect of th SS trailer. Will Smith? No thanks. That “model” famous for pulling silly faces? Please, gimme a break! Now, if Oscar Isaac was involved, I wld reconsider…
      Yes, th new footage from The CW really puts th Wonder into WW! I’m onboard, sir!
      Come on, 1 out of 3 ain’t bad! 😉

      • I will agree with you my friend, Ledger’s take on the Joker was great, but so was Nicholson’s to be honest. Heath’s Clown Prince was still not the character from the comics for me just another interpretation. Leto’s will be a lot closer (and he is also a much, much better actor.) I stand by my guns on the S.Squad trailer, best comic book trailer ever! My favourite Batmovie is still Batman Returns, and I prefer Dark Knight Rises to Dark Knight to be honest. Still nice to see someone else’s opinion, DC will win the wars though, I mean we have The Batman on our side and as you know… Batman Always Wins! 😉 🙂

      • Interesting views, thank u!
        Still not convinced that Suicide Squad is sufficient material w which to expand th DC Cinematic Universe, but I wld like to know who is that big reptilian guy. Hope he gets to do some cool scene-stealing, but, like too much modern movie-making he’s more than likely to spend nanoseconds snarling in th background while Will Smith shouts over n over as per usual…
        Btw, he’s th Killer Question I’ve been meaning to ask: Idris Elba is announced as th new Batman(!) What does Arcane Halloween think?!

      • The reptilian guy is none other than Killer Croc in his original guise. I like Idris Elba, he’s a rather fantastic actor, but he’s not right for the Batman in my humble opinion, anyway Affleck is signed up for 3 movies as the Bat, so Elba wil be way too old by the time the next reboot inevitably comes along.

      • Killer Croc? Love it!
        Wld probably watch SS just for him, altho afraid his best scenes may end up on th cutting-room floor.
        Thanks for th information!

    • Definitely, divine!
      Would b absolutely awesome if the movie-makers were accepting and developing my own scripts!
      Thanks for your Like/Comment – really appreciate th attention!

  2. Great post, loved reading every word. I’m feeling more and more optimistic about DC’s movie line up. I mean, I’m still not exactly excited for BvS, but I’m liking certain choices like Ayers directing Suicide Squad, Robbie as Harley Quinn, Momoa as Aquaman, fans getting on board with Wonder Woman footage … I haven’t seen enough of Leto’s Joker to get a good read, but what I’ve seen looks promising. 🙂 Again, awesome post my friend!

    • Thank u v much, Sidekick!
      DC certainly are gearing up aren’t they?
      Not exactly excited for Batman or Superman, but interested to see Momoa’s Aquaman, and Wonder Woman of course!
      Unfortunately not exactly excited for SS either – probably never will be.
      Personally, my most eagerly anticipated movies this yr are Cap Am:Civil War and X-Men:Apocalypse, but will always be interested to find out how DC Films can compete.
      Thanks again: glad u enjoyed this read

  3. I am a huge Marvel fan, but for whatever reason, DC just hasn’t managed to capture the same sense of excitement (with the exception of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. And I do like some of the DC TV shows). I don’t want to be negative about Batman v. Superman, but I’m just feeling hesitant about it. I’m more excited for Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman sounds intriguing. Though I’m really hoping Marvel will just give us a Black Widow movie already! 😉 Great post!

    • I know u’re a huge Marvel fan, Ashley, so it’s really great to see u at this Post!
      Yes, BvS just doesn’t have that vibe, does it? And Suicide Squad still doesn’t excite me
      Most of all I am really looking forward to X-Men: Apocalypse – hope u can catch my Preview Post for that!
      Don’t worry about my Phantom Menace Post – putting th final touches to it right now!

      • I’ll look forward to your X-Men Apocalypse post–I’m excited about that one too. I’m hoping BvS will pleasantly surprise us, but I’m still a bit skeptical. 😉 No worries on the Phantom Menace post, I’m looking forward to reading it!

      • Thanks, Ash.
        Not sure how a Black Widow solo movie might work. Th Curse of Elektra shows how risky solo superheroine movies can be.
        Looking forward to seeing th X-Men set in th 80s; it will b odd – that’s when I was reading th original comics!

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