“In Thy Future” Challenge: 5 Things That Need To Be Done

Share 5 Things About My Future. Well, Had No Idea Last Week That This Was Going To Happen…


“Look, I am not stupid you know. They cannot make things like that yet… Are you saying it’s from the future?” – Sarah Connor. 

Having studied/worked as a historian, the past seemed – somehow, comfortingly – more certain, less daunting, yet always reassuring. Reviving my passion for sci-fi through this blog has helped confront that unfathomable and intangible “future”; now comes this challenge (gleefully accepted): 


Rules for the In Thy Future Challenge:

• Thank the blogger who nominated you.
• Link back to the challenge creator to track progress.
• Share 5 things about your future.  Then one day you can look back and find out how psychic you really are.
• Tag 5 bloggers and put them up to the challenge.


Danica Piche @ Leading a Beautiful Life – nominated me for this Challenge.  Thank you, Danica!

5 Things About My Future:


“You should see what he can do” – Rogue.  

1. Get that novel finished. Obviously. And then write some more fiction. 

Yes, yes! This well-meaning intention has been announced/noted several times in this household – during this past year alone – to the point that Mrs. B no longer believes it. But hey, the ideas, enthusiasm and typing sessions generated over these past few weeks through my latest Brother Brad creation, have been fantastic.

Beforehand, there was a SF mega-opus coming along, but far too slowly. This project, on the other hand, is a different, more satisfying prospect – have not felt so good about writing fiction in a long time. Actually, working via WordPress rather than Word Document has actually sparked a more encouraging creative process.

If you are interested in Following this project as it comes to fruition, you can check out this site. Moreover, there are plenty of awesome ideas to stretch this concept into a series.

ETA: Volume 1 in the stores by Christmas!


“I’ve seen much of the rest of the world. It is brutal and cruel and dark. Rome is the light” – Maximus Decimus Meridius. 

2. Visit Rome.

“Yet you have never been there!” as Marcus Aurelius constantly – irritatingly – reminds me. Ciao! Talk about a radical departure from what usually appears on these Posts, this remains a long-standing Thing To Do. 

Finally got the chance to study Ancient Roman History at universityHowever, having no physical connection to the metropolis once considered the centre of the world, it was not easy to get to grips with my studies. After the degree came a great travel option: Europe or Southeast Asia. The latter was selected; my life advanced to a higher, more enjoyable, level, although one part of me wonders what fortune the former option could have presented…

Mi dispiace, goodness knows when this visit will happen.

Cosi e la vita, bebe…

ETA: Who knows? Summer 2016 perhaps, or 2017? 


“With his fertile imagination, his wit, and his prolific output, Isaac Asimov truly laid the Foundation for all future generations of science fiction writers” – Kevin J. Anderson. 

3. Swot up on some essential science fiction classics.

Compiling my own sci-fi Posts, this would seem like a mandatory pursuit anyway. However, due to the unavailability of such classics – and work commitments, of course – this aim is not as easy as it sounds. 

Honestly, how can you accept me as a sci-fi blogger if some of the greatest literary works in the SF canon have not been thoroughly scrutinised?!

For example, top of the Essential Classics list comes the Foundation series – revered in some quarters as the greatest SF series ever published – created by the grand master himself: Isaac Asimov. Initially a trilogy – Foundation (1951), Foundation And Empire (1952) and Second Foundation (1953) – it now consists of six books; confusingly, Prelude to Foundation – the prequel – was the last book in the series to be published (as late as 1986).

ETA: From this November and on through Christmas (subject to availability). 

Green Arrow Clay Mann

“We have sat waiting like this many times before… At night, I can hear the call of my race. They wait for me. Once I join them, we will be forgotten” – Crow.  

4. Resurrect my archery.

Well, it doesn’t get any more ironic than this. There is a future for this ancient noble art in my life. Brad The Bowman: sounds kinda cool, huh? Not such an idle fantasy as it sounds…

Gawping at Crow, the Elvin bowman (the only highlight of ultra-cheap British fantasy flick: Hawk The Slayer) and the early ’80s Robin Hood TV series both proved to be lasting influences. This led me to sign up for an Archery Group at a fab holiday camp during junior school. Wow, talk about being a natural bowman – it was as if this mild-mannered moppet had been a Merry Man in a former life…

Unfortunately, there’s never been another chance to strap a quiver on me back ever since. My bow-draw-muscles are getting a tad flabby; yet my goatee is ripe and my Green Arrow costume gathers dust in the spare wardrobe.

So, put my name down for the next Archery Contest before my elvin skills set packs up completely; what say you?! 

ETA: The sooner the better…


“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” – Doc. Emmett Brown.  

Last but not least…

5. Secure a copy of Back To The Future 2 and watch it on October 21 2015.

Aim to have a rollicking laugh at how hopelessly wrong their vision of our future turned out to be! This average sequel should also be regarded as a serious lesson about how futile it is to try and predict such things like the onset of hoverboards. 

It’s best to end on such a relatively simple task, as long as the download technology does not let me down…

ETA: October 21 2015. About teatime.


“Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today” – Phil Connors.  

This may seem like such a daunting challenge, but – trust me – this provides an ideal opp to sort out what you need/want to do. 

So, the delightful nominees are: 

Hope you are up for the challenge – good luck!


Wouldn’t it be thrilling to visit our future self, look them in the eye and ask: “Well, did you manage it?” 



9 thoughts on ““In Thy Future” Challenge: 5 Things That Need To Be Done

  1. I read just the other day that the best way to follow through with plans is not to announce them. Hm. I am very much on board with watching BTTF on October 21st, though, as my local cinema has a screening just for that very purpose.

    • I knew there had to be special screenings of BTTF2 on that day. In my part of th world, I just have to download it from somewhere.
      Thanks for your Comment!

  2. Wow, Brad, fantastic list! You’ve really styled things up with quotes, ETAs and pictures! You’re well on your way with every item here and I’m enjoying following along for some of them. Archery? Intriguing! It fits with Brother Brad.

    • Thank you, Danica, for this fantastic Comment.
      Just enjoyed reading your wonderful Reply on your Post!
      I have enjoyed a creative symbiosis: th past (ancient, and recently, medieval) history; and th future – sci-fi, for as long as I can remember – now w this blogging platform I can really experiment!
      Thank u so much for your enthusiasm & support, Danica – always v much appreciated.

  3. Love this post! Enjoyed reading about your goals, and thanks so much for the nomination! My five goals for the future are:

    1. Go back to visit the U.K. I spent a month there after graduating from college, but my husband’s never been, and I’d like to show him the sites.

    2. Come up with new ideas for my blog. I’ve been blogging since 2011 and have been pondering where I’d like to take it in the future. I’ve been procrastinating coming up with some brainstorming ideas but would like to work on this. 😉

    3. I’d like to go to the San Diego Comic Con at least once — and I’d definitely like to go in costume.

    4. I’d like to work on watching through my movie bucket list. I’ve made some progress (finally watched a Quentin Tarantino film!) but still have some gaps (still haven’t watched the Harry Potter movies, never seen a Hitchcock film, etc.)

    5. I’d like to make a short film. I don’t know what it would be about, and probably won’t be viewed by anyone other than friends, but I’d like to take a crack at it. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for this amazing substantial Comment, Ashley!
      1. Looks like everyone wants to go to th UK – don’t forget to pack a thick coat and an umbrella!
      2. New Ideas is what it’s all about; I’m sure th awesomeness of your blog will continue no matter what u introduce – good luck!
      3. Th SD Comic Con – is that said to be th best in th US? Which costume?! U already know who I’ll b going as 😉
      4. Wow, th 1st time u watch a Hitchcock movie is 1 of th greatest experiences any movie buff can have. For me, Rear Window (1954) and North By Northwest (1959) are his absolute best – watch them and wonder how no one else these days can make thrillers as fine as he could.
      5. Something Star Wars-related, no doubt! 😉
      Thanks again for these great Things To Do – hope they all give u enjoyment

      • Thanks! I always appreciate your comments on my blog. 🙂 I’ve decided to go back through all the Marvel movies this fall and re-review them for my blog. It’s been a while since I’ve watched many of them, and I’m curious to see how they’ll compare to each other and the newer Marvel films released this year. The SD Comic Con I’ve heard is the best of the US conventions. Picking a costume will be tough; it will probably be a Star Wars character or Black Widow from Avengers. Thanks also for the Hitchcock suggestions, I’ve heard good things about both of those! 🙂

      • You’re welcome, Ashley!
        I really enjoy your Posts.
        Been rewatching old Marvels – they stand up v well.
        I am itching to write about Cap Am: Civil War, but that’s MONTHS away yet!
        So many bloggers are posting reports of their own comic-con visits – I look forward to yours!

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