A Fistful Of Awards: 5 Facts About Brad, Plus My 15 Nominees!

Thank You To Danica @ Living A Beautiful Life For Nominating Me For The Creative Blogger Award


“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour” – William Cowper. 

First and foremost, my sincerest apologies for not responding to all these lovely Nominations sooner!

After picking up my first Liebster Award in February, there is now not only a second, but a Versatile Blogger and now this Creative Blogger Award!

It really is FANTASTIC that you should take the time and effort to nominate me for these awards – my gratitude is bountiful and as boundless as the guaranteed awesomeness yet to come!



Here are the requirements for the The Creative Blogger Award:

  • Post the award on your site
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 5 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs
  • Link to your nominee’s site


“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please” – Mark Twain. 

Here are those 5 facts about myself:

democracy monument

1. Spent my entire working life in Southeast Asia, and it was all because of that car chase in downtown Bangkok from The Man With The Golden Gun (1974). Managed to find an apartment close to the office just up the road from Ratchadamnoen Avenue where that sequence was filmed! (hashtag: chuffed to bits).

Back in 2001, as a temple-junkie, unbeknownst to me, a three month backpacking trip changed my life so much for the better – found a beautiful wife, a good home, hot climate and personal happiness out there – things somehow unobtainable in the land of my birth…


2. Don’t drive.

Witnessed two horrific car accidents when aged 6 & 10 respectively. My myopia doesn’t help. On top of all that, my first driving lesson turned out to be a reenactment of Duel (1971). Regrettably, the bounder in the big rig didn’t disappear over a cliff; the police never did catch him…


3. Apart from my forays into blogging, journalism, copywriting, fiction and transdimensional engineering, somehow, somewhere, movie scripts were drafted.

Who knows: my notorious Ghost Rider draft could have worked wonders… if someone noticed. There were some killer lines of dialogue! (Perhaps they should be published here some time? Hey, sounds kinda cool – preferable to letting them languish in dust and obscurity. Will go and fish them out…)

My most ambitious project was (tentatively-titled): “The Planet That Time Forgot” – a Discovery vessel stumbles onto an Earth-like planet (positively teeming with them in SF, you know) but has developed only as far as the Mesozoic Era. Carnivores start picking members of the crew off one-by-one but the survivors are saved by a mysterious humanoid reptilian warrior called Szythkk. 

Yeah, yeah, it sounds daft now, but at least my heroine isn’t storming through a jungle in stilletos! (Don’t think we’ll ever get over that, will we?)


4. Some say my artwork is awesome. Mainly concentrated on superheroines and badass aliens (all visual concepts for my fictional characters, you see) during my teenage years.

Unfortunately, not too much of it has been done, lately; plus, some of my outstanding pieces just don’t load up so well online (pencil sketches come out too faint) – hence the lateness of this Post: soz), but maybe – ‘cos technology will never get the best of me – a solution will be sought soon, just maybe…


5. I’m not as stupid as I look…


“Being nominated is the win. For me, being nominated is winning. It’s just unbelievable” – Martha Plimpton.  

As if the suspense wasn’t too much already. Let me pause and take this opportunity to say that it’s been an absolute joy catching up with your Posts. The Blogosphere seemed like such a daunting place at first before the plunge was taken, and yet two exhilarating years later and it’s been a blast! Hasn’t it? 

Here are my nominations for the Creative Blogger Award:


Cinema Parrot Disco

Doorway Between Worlds

Film Grimoire

Girl That Loved To Review



Parlor of Horror

Precinct 1313

Science Fiction Ruminations

Sidekick Reviews

The Telltale Mind

Three Rows Back


Words For Everything

And finally…

Thank You To Ashley @ boxofficebuzz For Nominating Me For The Versatile Blogger Award 

Thank You To Sherise @ Girl That Loved To Review For Nominating Me For (my second) Liebster Award

My Trophy Cabinet: 



“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars and see for yourself running with them”

– Marcus Aurelius. 


16 thoughts on “A Fistful Of Awards: 5 Facts About Brad, Plus My 15 Nominees!

    • Thank u so much for this award, Danica.
      Re th artwork: that is, I must admit, a striking resemblance… from about 20 yrs ago. The art is by th legendary John Buscema – 1 of Marvel’s greatest artists (from th book: ‘How To Draw Comics Th Marvel Way.’)
      So annoyed that none of my original art stands out online, but there’s nothing preventing excerpts from my scripts going up some time.
      Thank u for your support – and your amazing consistency of late! I must catch up! I enjoy everything u Post.

      • Absolutely my pleasure! You’re right, there’s so much great stuff out there that it’s hard for anyone’s artwork to stand out online. Being a part of the online awesomeness is pretty good though :).
        Thank you as well, I appreciate your continued support. I’ve attempted to post a little more frequently and I’m thrilled that you noticed!
        Hope you’re enjoying a lovely day, Bradscribe.

      • It’s all go: blogging, articles, book chapters – only by assessing it all before it gets light will I know if th day was as enjoyable as u hoped!
        As for th art – I may just work on something over this weekend.
        All th best, Danica!

  1. A hearty congrats to you my friend, it’s well deserved indeed. And thanks so much for nominating me. Your 5 facts made for an entertaining read god sir, and your artwork is awesome! I also spend a lot of time working on my own comic art, I usually upload my sketches to a photo editor and darken them down from there, because as you mentioned they are usually way too faint, there is a great free one available called Fotor photo editor, worth a look. Have an awesome day now! 🙂

    • Thank u so much, Bruce, as always, u are most welcome!
      Th artwork btw belongs to John Buscema – 1 of Marvel’s finest.
      I shall check out Fotor photo editor – thanks for th info; wish I had more energy to produce new art – it can be a v therapeutic process. Glad to hear u work on your own comic art!

    • Thank you, Ashley!
      Hope u follow th Link to my entry for th Childhood Films Blogathon where u can read about your all-time fave movie (among other classics)! 😉
      Thanks again for th Versatile Award – v much appreciated

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