“Chewie, We’re Home!”: Come ON, We Want Star Wars Episode VII NOW!!

There has been an Awakening. Have you felt it? 


“What Star Wars has accomplished is really not possible. But it has done it anyway. There is no place in our culture for this kind of stuff. But the need is there; the human need to have the human condition expressed in mythic terms” – Harrison Ford. 

Major develoments of geekgasmic proportions hit – nay, engulfed – the web on Thursday. Just when you thought the Second Trailer for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens lay in wait to POUNCE ON YOU when the new Avengers movie is released in a few weeks time, it was sprung last Thursday instead, at the Star Wars Celebration event – the official fan festival taking place these past few days at Anaheim Convntion Center. 

20 million views in 20 hours indicates that the MOVIE OF THE DECADE is shaping up rather nicely. The first teaser Trailer in November gave some tantalisingalbeit fleeting – glimpses of what we can expect from Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. It merely stirred my curiosity; as someone who enjoyed the classic trilogy on their respective original releases, the thought of an Episode VII (and VIII and IX for that matter) just passed over me.

But what was released last Thursday managed to do the unthinkable: restored my faith in a galaxy far, far away and make me (and millions of others?believe that JJ Abrams is perfectly capable of providing the Star Wars instalment we deserve.

Let’s take the opportunity here to study arguably the Best Trailer Ever Produced…

star destroyer

“A lot of movies you see today are circus movies. It’s now gotten to be more and more circus than substance. I get blamed for a lot of that” – George Lucas.  

No sooner does this second trailer begin, we embrace that familiar John Williams score once more; the intro scene treats us to an amazing panning shot of a landspeeder passing what has been described as a crashed X-Wing Fighter and- GREAT ODIN’S BEARD!! GETTA LOADA THAT STAR DESTROYER!! BLINKIN’ AWESOME!! (ahem)…  

Surely something that humongous would have broken up on impact? Even the seemingly-unsinkable Titanic broke in two before descending to its deep resting-place, but hey – to hell with physics – this scene alone just looks SO DAMN GOOD. Yep, gimme my Wallpaper now, please. 

Incidentally, it was assumed that the featured desert planet was Tatooine, but apparently not, as further research showed; Star Wars: Battlefront features: “the Battle of Jakku, the pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet on the Outer Rim,” which ensued “in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor.”  

Okay… intriguing, but don’t you think we’ve rejoined this action far too late? Apparently, the brand new video game: Star Wars:Battlefront fills in the necessary events between Episodes’ VI & VII. But for those of us not into gaming, explanatory background details can be obtained during the coming months with the publication of no less than twenty novels…!

Niiice to see the Millennium Falcon again – ahh, just savour those pangs of nostalgia! Sweet…

first order

“…George wanted to know whether we’d be interested. He did say that if we didn’t want to do it, they wouldn’t cast another actor in our parts – they would write us out” – Mark Hamill.  

How did this “First Order” come to prominence?! Who are they? In the above pic, it’s obvious that there is no shortage of stormtroopers. By the look of the hardware they have on offer – including TIE (Twin Ion Engine, remember?) fighters – the galactic economy did NOT crumble along with the Empire. Who – or what – tellingly, pulls the strings of this techno-fascist combo?

While on the subject, those new X-Wing fighters belong not to the Rebel Alliance we all know and love, but to an outfit – whose most prominent member (thus far) is Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) – referred to vaguely as the “Resistance.” Great, the Imperial system may have been removed, but that deplorable ideology only transmogrifies into something all-too-familiar. Here we go again; when you’ve seen one galaxy, you’ve seen ’em all, etc…  

Anyway, it will be a personal joy to see Luke again, but at the moment – agonisingly – there is only speculation as to what possibly happens to him now. With a subtitle like: “The Force Awakens” (a tad flat,eh?) we know that the Jedi legacy will play a prominent role; but how?

And how does that dude with the crossguard lightsabre, supposedly called Kylo Ren, fit into this new set-up? It should be said that this latest Sith(?) figure is shaping up to be a veritable outstanding villain. And- hold the bus! Who is… this?!


There are a ton of rumours – some true, some false. But I’m grateful for everyone who would want to read a spoiler because it means that they care and want to see the movie. I know what it feels like, as an enormous Star Wars fan myself” – Jeffrey Jacob Abrams. 

Who, exactly, is this cool, distinctive chrome-clad stormtrooper? Cool gun; cool (black and red) cape… he’s even walking with a cool gait.

He?! One of the more striking statements floatin around the rumour-mill is the likelihood that this character – who may be Captain Phasma, leader of an elite band of stormtroopers affiliated with this First Order – is played by Gwendoline Christie, best-known for playing Brienne of Tarth in the ludicrously-popular Games of Thrones. According to Badass Digest: “Christie is playing John [Finn] Boyega’s commanding officer… and she’s mad that he deserted.” As the saga’s first female stormtrooper, it’s hoped that this intriguing character in particular can be developed properly and respectfully.

What is most reassuring about all the exclusive images gleaned from both trailers is a welcome return to more natural imagery rather than an over-reliance on that overblown CGI BS concocted for those wretched prequels.

There are some terrific titbits of news and gossip aplenty surrounding this gargantuan blockbuster, but this, by far, has to be the most exciting rumour: Abrams is apparently seriously dischuffed about the relentless plot and image leaks from the Force Awakens set that – according to unconfirmed reports (from as early as the beginning of February 2015) on Movie Pilot -he is seriously considering bringing Episode VII out much earlier. Ikwiz added: “Disney are reportedly taking Abrams’ request very seriously and is looking at a possible Summer release.”

Too right! There are millions of us ready to watch it RIGHT NOW!!


So good to see these boys again, but what’s in store for them in this episode? 



8 thoughts on ““Chewie, We’re Home!”: Come ON, We Want Star Wars Episode VII NOW!!

  1. No joke! My only problem was that Han looked more like Indie in the promo. How? Maybe it was the smile/grin. Maybe it was something else. Yes. I know Ford plays both but he needs to really channel Han in this movie. They better not be killing off his character like has been speculated all over the web. You hear me J.J.?!?!?

    • Thanks for th Comment, JW!
      Ford himself wanted Solo killed off at th end of Episode VI, but Lucas wouldn’t oblige – may yet get his wish this time.
      Don’t worry: NOBODY can DIE in sci-fi – look at Spock; look at Ripley; every little thing is gonna be alright!

      • Ha!
        I know ford wanted his character killed in VI and I don’t blame him for it. His character in that movie, looking back now after years and years, was pretty pointless. But to have survived all that and come back after all these years for fans and then to be killed in VI?? I don’t want to see that. They can have Luke.

        But you are totally right. No one is ever dead in sci-fi!

  2. Great write up my friend, I did see the trailer but (and please don’t hate me) I’m not a Star Wars or Trek fan, I prefer my Superheroes and medieval fantasy stuff. That said the trailer looked interesting enough that when my house-mate inevitably buys the movie (he’s a huge sci-fi fan) then I shall more than likely watch it. Oh and to be honest, all I was waiting for last week was the Batman v Superman trailer (and now I’m very happy!) Have a good day sir.

    • Thanks for your Comment, Arcane.
      Always a pleasure to hear from u – one of my ardent Followers, how can I hate u, sir?! Wasn’t really bothered about this SW reunion outing when th 1st trailer came out, but this 2nd trailer just bowIed me over.
      It seemed inevitable that a Batman vs Superman project wld come along; not sure about it myself – glad u’re happy w it!
      Been off th blogosphere lately, so aim to catch up w your superheroes & medieval fantasy stuff pronto!

  3. Wonderful post, Brad! I, too, am encouraged by the lack of obvious CGI in this movie. It’s back to how it should be! I hadn’t heard about that female stormtrooper, but that’s seriously cool if true. I’m one of those people who tends to avoid the rumour mill so I don’t run into too many spoilers, but I don’t see how I’ll be able to avoid them in the coming months! As it is, I am sticking my fingers in my ears (and avoiding the net) over Age of Ultron and am planning to see it the minute it comes out before anyone tells me anything!

    • Thank u Sue for your lovely long Comment!
      There has been backlash at th apparent lack of good female characters planned for SW7, so I agree that having a female stormtrooper wld b really cool (if true).
      It’s a shame u will b avoiding my next Post today – it’s my Ultron review!
      Thanks for your A-Z Posts – looking forward to catching up w them.

      • I’ll be very glad to see more female characters in that franchise. And thanks for the heads up on your Ultron post! I will be happy to read it after I see the movie. Not long now! 🙂

        Glad you’ve been enjoying A to Z – I’m looking forward to a bit of a break, it’s been a busy month!

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